The Christmas period brings with it a unique magic made of joy and conviviality: among the myriad of parties, aperitifs and dinners it is almost impossible to say no to an extra glass or a sweet sin of gluttony.

Result? A tiring process of events that puts a strain on our sphere of relaxation and our physical fitness. In order not to return to the office with an air more tired than the last day of work before the holidays, this Christmas don't send on holiday your skincare, follow our routine and recover the fresh and relaxed appearance of the best days.



Like any self-respecting skincare, it starts with a deep and accurate hygiene. The first step to preparing the skin for everyday stress involves a gentle but effective facial exfoliation. How? Easy, with the Exfoliating Anti-stress Gel.

Thoroughly cleanses the skin thanks to its double exfoliating, chemical and mechanical. The first breakthrough from the granules obtained from the stem of hemp can eliminate dead skin cells; the second, instead, is carried out by fruit acids that penetrate deep into the dermis, stimulating the production of collagen. A fresh and clean skin with a pleasant feeling of well-being and relaxation.



With clean and dry skin, it’s time to act to restore the skin with all the hydration the nourishment it needs and for this purpose you can choose between Anti-stress Night Mask and Oliocento.

The mask is a light and enveloping emulsion, perfect for simultaneously taking care of the face and beard, moisturizing the skin and regenerating the beard during night rest. You can enjoy its conditioning formula, not only during the night but also when beard and facial skin need it most.

As its name also recalls, Oliocento is an evanescent oil with a light and dry texture made with 100% natural ingredients, able to moisturize the skin making it softer and more elastic. It is also perfect for softening beards and hair nourishing them in depth.

The combination of these products with hemp formulation will only eliminate in a few steps from your face all signs of Christmas stress.