Real tough air, great physical power and a thick beard. These are the physical and technical characteristics that distinguish the pillar of Bullfrog FC's defense. Just like in the pitch, our Hakan Ranoglu is pragmatic and down-to-earth when it comes to grooming as well: a few gestures for the care of his body but supported by quality products with immediate effect that are able to give him a neat and professional appearance on and off the field. Let's discover all of Hakan's secrets together!


All-around cleansing

Hakan Ranoglu's professional strain leads him to favor a multifunctional cleansing product that takes care of both his body and his hair in a single gesture: Secret Potion N°1 Multi-action Shower Gel, thanks to its invigorating properties, gives a moment of well-being and recharge on skin and hair, all in a fragrant setting with woody, aromatic and amber notes. The convenient 100ml travel size allows Hakan to take his favorite shower gel wherever he wants, whether at training center or away with the team.

New energy on the skin
After the shower at the end of every game and training session, Hakan never passes up an energy boost all over his body. With delicate but distinctive spicy and citrus notes, Refreshing Body Tonic is an energizing complex that can give new impetus and vitality on the skin.

Exfoliates and regenerates the beard

A long and thick ducktail beard needs targeted gestures to preserve its softness and shine, and Hakan knows this very well! Now becoming one of his most distinctive and iconic features, Hakan takes care of his beard by exfoliating it (1/2 time a week) and moisturizing it (3 times a week). For exfoliation, Beard-washing Exfoliating Paste deeply cleanses and removes, thanks to its sugar particles, all dead skin cells deposited on the face. Final effect? Soft, glowing and fragrant beard. Before going to bed or when his beard and face need it most, Hakan applies Anti-Stress Night Mask: a restructuring treatment that can hydrate the skin and regenerate the beard, relieving the signs of stress on the face.

Surfer look

As a good lover of the sea, surfing and the effect that salt water leaves on his hair, Hakan always likes to give his hair a wavy, wild look thanks to his favorite styling product, Texturising Salt Spray: it gives volume to the hair, shaping waves and natural movements that perfectly recreate the typical beach effect.

The result-saving play

Like a goal saved on the line at the last minute or a decisive tackle, her classy fragrance play is called Elements EARTH. A citrusy, woody and earthy Eau de Toilette with a solid, strong and concrete character...a bit like Hakan!

Follow Hakan Ranoglu's grooming training plan and get your DEFENDER LOOK!