Personality to spare, flair and self-sacrifice to reach the pinnacle of success with his favorite team. Known for his ability to score decisive goals and his charismatic presence, Didier Bullubà, number 9 and shining star of Bullfrog FC, leaves nothing to chance even when it comes to his personal grooming. The precision and attention paid to his grooming gestures allow our bomber to face the most difficult challenges with confidence and determination. Discover all the grooming secrets of goal machine Didier Bullubà!


Here's Bullfrog FC Bomber: Didier Bullubà


The pedigree of the complete forward

It is said that the striker is the first defender, and Didier Bullubà, thanks to his generous nature, can play several roles, always at the service of the team: a philosophy of multitasking that Didier also adopts for his cleansing actions. With Secret Potion N°3 Multi-action Shower Gel, Didier cares for his body and hair with this product with its marine, woody and amber fragrance and its soft and enveloping texture. A shower gel capable of recharging our bomber after 90 minutes of battle!


Attention to detail

To enhance the colors and lines of the tattoos, with which he is completely covered, Didier Bullubà usually applies Tattoo Shining Butter to his skin: a balm that leaves the skin moisturized and nourished with a luminous finish. Thanks to its properties, the butter melts into the skin, creating an elastic layer that protects both the skin and the tattoo itself.


Tattoo = trademark

Like any self-respecting precise and methodical striker, Didier Bullubà also has his anti-goal lucky charm. And that is precisely his goatee. Now an iconic element of his look, Didier devotes maniacal attention to its care. Precise shape and defined edges are his grooming mantra, achievable only with reliable products such as Invisible Shaving Gel: a fresh, transparent gel that creates a thin layer of protection between skin and razor, facilitating its passage and preventing the risk of cuts and redness. At the end of the shave Didier applies one of his most favorite Bullfrog products: useful both to quench post-shave irritation and to soften his goatee, Agnostico All-In-One Balm is a woody cocktail with an irreverent fragrance of anise, tobacco, leather and Bay Rhum.


A real masterpiece for Didier: Agnostico All-In-One Balm


Celebrating with style

Whether on or off the pitch, Didier always sports an impeccable look. This is mainly due to targeted haircare and styling gestures, as his curly hair requires specific care to unleash its full potential. And what better ally than our Curl Control Foam? A hybrid product between haircare & styling, this soft foam is useful both for caring for the curl by moisturizing it and for giving it the final effect of definition and volume. All in a delicious pistachio and almond fragrance.


A striker with fire inside

Didier's great power on the pitch is synonymous with passion and vivacity in everyday life. That's why Didier chooses Elements FIRE daily: a rusty, crisp and citrusy Eau de Toilette that bottles the most lively and fiery natural element of all, fire.


Follow Didier Bullubà's grooming training plan and get your FORWARD LOOK!