Leadership on the pitch, a fetish for tiki taka and impeccable grooming of his image. These are the qualities of Yoshi Ranata, midfielder and beacon of the Bullfrog FC game. Meticulous and determined even when it comes to grooming, he pays almost maniacal attention to his grooming gestures and choice of products, obviously of quality like his fairy feet. Here are Yoshi's classy plays!

All-roundness' as a philosophy of play and cleansing
Yoshi Ranata's choice for body and hair care falls on a product that makes multifunctionality one of its main features: Secret Potion N°2 Shower Gel. With its spicy and amber fragrance, Yoshi is captivated each time by this shower gel that surprises him in the shower with its invigorating effect and its unpredictable composition... as unpredictable as his plays.

Sweat cover
To maintain long-lasting freshness throughout the day, Yoshi's Anti-perspirant Spray Deodorant never fails. With its effective formula and fragrance characterized by green, spicy and citrus notes, it provides continuous protection against perspiration, allowing Yoshi to remain focused and confident in every situation.

Stop pollution
His Japanese origins and his meticulous nature led Yoshi to devote a very high degree of attention to detail: for him, nothing is left to chance! So, when it comes to cleansing his face, Yoshi relies on the Anti-Pollution Cleansing Mousse. A product that effectively removes impurities and pollution accumulated during the day, leaving the skin clean and fresh. The mousse is gentle and suitable for even the most sensitive skin, guaranteeing deep cleansing.

Shaving = ritual
Like a samurai sharpening his blade, shaving is for Yoshi a sacred ritual to be performed daily. First he uses Secret Potion Shaving Cream N°1, which, thanks to its rich, creamy texture, allows a close and comfortable shave. After shaving, Yoshi applies Mild Aftershave Fluid to freshly shaved skin to soothe and moisturize, preventing irritation and redness.

Style and personality
To give definition and structure to his much-loved French Crop, Yoshi opts for Sculpting Matt Wax. Applied to dry hair, it provides a medium-strong hold capable of defining and separating each strand, giving a long-lasting sculpted effect. All in line with the elegant and sober style that distinguishes the Japanese midfielder.

The fine play
As the finishing touch to his grooming ritual, Yoshi chooses Elements Water. This fragrance with its marine, spicy and amber notes reflects his dynamic character and passion for the game. The Elements Water EDT perfectly complements Yoshi's look, leaving a trail of freshness and vitality wherever he goes.

Follow Yoshi Ranata's grooming workout plan and get your MIDFIELDER LOOK!