Professional Shaving Brush
Professional Shaving Brush

Professional Shaving Brush

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The perfect companion for your shaving ritual: quality materials and vintage charm for a traditional product Made in Germany.

Traditional · Classic · Professional


The shaving brush is the perfect product to accompany every step of the shaving ritual. Its long hog bristles are ideal for whipping up cream in the shaving bowl and their hardness makes this brush highly suitable for whipping up lather from thicker soaps. Just because the bristles are hard doesn't make them less gentle on the skin; the type of workmanship involved in cutting the tuft makes this professional brush very pleasant to the touch and not at all prickly. In addition, the ash handle adapts perfectly to the curves of the hand, ensuring a comfortable and optimal grip when applying lather.


After moistening the brush, take or pour the shaving cream into the bowl in which it will be whipped up. Once the brush has been soaped up, you can use your fingers to apply pressure between the bristles so that the soap soaks all the way into the brush, making it easier to spread the soap on your face. Using circular movements, whip up the soap to create a nice lather to apply to the face. It is recommended to add a little water if you find it difficult to create foam, until the desired consistency is achieved.
If you prefer to whip up the cream directly on your face, get the desired amount and lather directly on the parts to be shaved by applying the shaving brush.


When using a hog bristle brush for the first time, it is advisable to let it soak in water for a few hours. This is to allow the bristles to absorb water and become more pliable but also to allow the knot that binds them to tighten, thus preventing or at least reducing hair loss.
Once the bristles have softened, the next few times simply soak it for about fifteen minutes before shaving.
After use, it is recommended to rinse it thoroughly, as any soap or lime residue hardens the bristle and can cause it to break. It is recommended to dry it well before storing it, preferably downwards when drying, so that all residues slip off it without accumulating at the base of the handle.


A collection of tools specially designed for those who love to take care of themselves through the ritual of shaving.


This product was developed using packaging that reduces the volume of waste produced and is easy to recycle.
Once finished, here's how to dispose of the different components:
Case 21; PAPER
Check the regulations of your municipality.