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09-02-2023 | Hair Beard Moustache Fragrances Skincare

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media-imgValentine’s Day is the most romantic holiday of the year, but after having celebrated it many times, you run the risk of no longer knowing how to grasp its magic. That’s why it’s important to keep her alive with a good gift! Flowers and chocolates are often chosen as a symbol of love, as an expedient to sweeten even more the idyll of lovers. If, however, we methodically resort to the usual gifts, we risk having the opposite effect. So this year Bullfrog advises you to change direction, proposing an alternative gift: exactly, with one of our Gift Cards you will be sure to hit the bull’s eye! There are some for all tastes and, above all, for all budgets, from those who are more attentive to savings to those who do not mind the expense. In short, the choice is wide and we are here to direct you to the best. Here are some examples of what you could buy with one of our Gift Cards.
With a 25€ Gift Card you will give those who receive the gift the opportunity to get acquainted with the real business card of Bullfrog: Agnostic, the unmistakable all-in-one conditioner, perfect for beard and hair, is the ideal product to make our acquaintance.
Ideal to soften and tame even the toughest beards and rebels, nourishes the hair without weighing it down and moisturizes the skin of the face and body. It is also perfect to turn off skin irritations after shaving. In short, really a perfect gift for an unforgettable St. Valentine.
Let’s skip an intermediate step (50€) and throw ourselves on a Gift Card that will allow the user to buy a nice combo of Bullfrog products. Oh yes: with 75 € you can really do many things, such as having one of our Eau de Toilette Elements line together with one of our workhorses for skincare and beard care, such as Oliocento. It might be a nice idea to combine two real milestones of our catalog.
Elements fragrances, in fact, will best represent the personality of the wearer. The collection was created with the aim of bottling the four essential elements of nature: air, water, fire, earth. Each element brings with it unique characteristics, which we wanted to represent by composing fragrances that reflected these peculiarities with their olfactory pyramids.
Oliocento, on the other hand, needs a few presentations: a 100% natural oil with a light, almost dry texture, and delicate fragrance, designed for multiple uses: soften the beard and hair, making them brighter and nourishing them in depth; moisturize the skin of the face effectively, significantly increasing its elasticity; give a rested appearance, thanks to the action of one of the main ingredients: hemp oil.
Finally, here are some suggestions for those who will have a 100€ Gift Card: combining one of the three fragrances Eau de Parfum, the corresponding Multifunction Beard Oil and the relative Multipurpose Shower Gel in 250 ml format, we arrive perfectly at the amount given.
The right choice, in short, to embrace at any time of the day your favorite perfume, being inspired by the story of the fragrance itself, sometimes mysterious (Secret Potion N.1), sometimes inspired by the artistic world (Secret Potion N.2) and sometimes ready to accompany you on every trip (Secret Potion N.3).
St. Valentine’s Day is around the corner, but there is time until the last minute to give one of our Gift Cards: the only caveat, remember that they are only valid for online purchases. Happy Valentine's day!

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