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12-09-2020 | Fragrances

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Perfume is a detail that you should never neglect, because at the end of the day it is what finish off your look. Choosing your fragrance is no trivial matter: it is not just about finding a pleasant essence, but about making sure that the notes fit with the personality of the wearer. So, here is our guide to matching your personality with the right perfume.
1. Alcoholic and pungent notes.
These are bold perfumes that often evoke the bitter aftertaste of spirits like whiskey or rum, creating combinations with a pungent onset, which show their harsher side only later on. Suitable for the most extroverted personalities who are not afraid of highlighting the more rugged side of their character. The fragrance that embodies this kind of man is the Secret Potion N° 1 by Bullfrog, a tribute to the forbidden atmospheres of the old speakeasies.
2. Warm and enveloping notes.
Very sweet top notes and an unexpected evolution of more pungent flavours. These are the perfumes designed for the more autumnal characters, for the unpredictable and contemplative man who will certainly appreciate Womo’s Vetiver + Chestnut. The gourmand notes of chestnut are reminiscent of the flavours and colours of autumn.
3. Sweet and rounded notes.
These perfumes are delicate, but they know how to get noticed. A symbol of elegance and refinement, these are the most suitable fragrances for men who want to emphasize their charm with class. The scent of honey in Black Tobacco by Womo is all about this, the story of a man who can’t do without his good taste.
4. Fresh and summery notes.
Fragrances that stand out due to their simple yet high-impact notes. They match with the most bubbly personalities who love their youthful nature. Kho Tao is the Womo perfume for those who love to explore the world in search of an eternal summer, evoked by the banana leaf essence contained in the fragrance.
5. Dark and mysterious notes.
These are perfumes that contain secret and indecipherable notes, just like the man who wears them. Suitable for the more eclectic personalities and those with an austere character, Elisir N° 1 – Deadly Nightshade is a multi-coloured fragrance, but with dark shades, a primordial essence of mystery and beauty.


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