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17-10-2022 | Skincare

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media-imgHere we come to the third part of the promo dedicated to Skincare month.
In the previous article we introduced the general dynamics of the Skincare Game and analyzed in detail the first mission of our protagonist Bario, that was the cleansing.
Now, after passing the second level, we have come to the moment when Bario, like you, must tone his skin. Also in this mission there will be two allies at our side: Toning Nourishing Mask and Oltresiero. Great partners both, but with different superpowers, it’s up to us to figure out when to get help from one and when from the other. Let us then discover their characteristics.
The first ally that we present is the Toning Nourishing Mask of our brand new line BLUE BOTANICAL. Thanks to its active ingredients, restores the level of hydration of the skin by counteracting dryness. The beautiful blue texture regenerates the skin leaving it fresh and plumped. How not to mention its enveloping fragrance marine? I mean, not bad, right?
Oltresiero, what a strange name his! Imagine, it is the result of the mix of two words: "serum" that indicates the consistency, that is, a concentrate of active ingredients that act in a targeted way and penetrate deep into the skin; the word "oltre" that, as in italian "oltremare", recalls the marine inspiration. " Oltre" also suggests another idea, that of something innovative, just like this serum. Thanks to its active ingredients leaves the skin soft and hydrated, fighting among other things, the signs of aging, strengthening the skin.
With the help of these two allies, skin enhancement is just a breeze! You’ll see how it will be more elastic and soft. The game is not finished yet, our protagonist still has one last level to complete to win. Keep following us to follow what will be the last mission to complete.


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