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07-08-2020 | Hair

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You immediately notice, at first glance, an extreme fade, which in the upper part turns into an easily combable length.
Become very popular in recent years, the Razor Fade, brings the fade to the extreme.
To the classic fade with clippers and scissors, then the use of the razor is added.
The fade is, in fact, much more extreme than the traditional fade, starting from a base managed with a razor and then get to the classic fade with machine and scissors.
The Razor Fade fits perfectly to a variety of haircuts, starting from the Executive Contour, up to the Slickback and up to the Flattop, cuts normally managed with less extreme fades.
To complete the cut, the perfect finish is Extra Shiny Hair Pomade, for those who love bright and always impeccable look, which remains soft and repectable throughout the day.

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