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05-09-2020 | Beard Moustache

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From early days to present day, moustache have evolved from a roughly block of hair to a work of art. An artist needs its tools, so, during years, moustache experts have used a lot of instruments and accessories, starting with razor-sharps rocks and then passing to waxes, scissors, razors, hairnets and much more. Meanwhile, popularity of moustache had a lot of ups and downs.
Despite of its importance in present culture, moustache will always be trendy for those who can watch beyond the hair and will appreciate its charme.
Some of the most recognized styles are:
Since Tom Selleck had those moustache in Magnum P.I., Chevron has become synonymous of male charme. Hanging like a reverse V over the upper lips, Chevron is the perfect moustache for beginners who are intimidated by elegant waxes or precision details. The hair of the moustache should not extend more than 1,5 cm on the sides of the mouth. Cevron is more beautiful when left a bit messy.
Reminiscences of western film’s villains, english army and elegant detectives, the Handlebar is the most classic of the styles. Is easily recognisable by its “curved effect” that make look like to a handlebar of a bike. Those moustache is built cleaning cheecks, neck and chin. Hair over the lips must remain voluminous. After moistening the moustache with a little water, use a moustache comb to pull the hair outwards and then down toward the chin. Then, always beginning from the middle and working outwards, use a small amount of wax. Wait five minutes waiting that the wax firm up and model the moustache creating a full circle with the tips.
The Dalì take its name from the namesake painter supporting the idea that creativity knows no bounds. This moustache is built cleaning cheeks, chin and neck and starting shaving moustache just above the upper lip. Then is necessary clean the philtrum and comb the moustache hair beginning from the middle and working outwards. Always going in this sense, apply few wax and, when it will be stiffed up but moldable, use thumb and index fingers to shape ends.
The most common moustache type in the world is the easiest to obtain, for those who want a moustache but do not have much time to dedicate to it. The moustache grows naturally and must be looked after so as not to grow too much (no more than 1.5cm length). It is recommended to use specific beard and moustache scissors to trim it.
A very sophisticated and elegant moustache, which adds class and refinement, and frames the upper lip. It is suited to oval or rounded faces. Pencil moustaches are thin, defined and precise, with a maximum length of 1-2mm. They require constant and maniacal care.
Horseshoe moustaches are thick in the middle and then skillfully taper down to frame the mouth. They need to be cared for and shaped on a weekly basis to keep them tidy. The ideal length is 3-5mm and the arms need to reach the chin. Ideal for a tough, masculine look on a structured face and for a striking style, typically used by bikers.


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