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media-imgFather’s Day is one of those occasions that are celebrated in different countries, in Italy we always celebrate it on March 19. Attention, however, in other countries it is not so, for example, in France it is celebrated on the third Sunday of June while in Germany, it falls on the day of the Ascension, 39 days after Easter Sunday.
In 2022 Bullfrog brought a lot of joy and happiness, many of us in fact, have become dad-bis or new dads.
We couldn’t help but take this opportunity: we asked each of the team’s dads to find an adjective that defined them and select their products «must have» so as to create their personal kit: we hope you can recognize yourself in at least one of these, even if you’re not a dad!
But let’s go straight to the heart and discover together what are these 5 pairs of products that accompany and support our fathers in the many daily challenges they face.

The Tattooed Daddy
Our tattooed dad is a man with a lot of passions. These include engines, tattoos and of course beard care. It is no coincidence, in fact, that his faithful allies who accompany him in daily challenges are: Agnostico and Tattoo Shine Butter.
The first is our iconic product, a multipurpose conditioner for beard, face and hair, characterized by an addictive anise and licorice scent. The second, but not least, based on Shea butter, is designed to protect tattoos, make them more shiny by highlighting designs and colors.

The Mustache Daddy
Our moustached dad has a very clear idea of his characteristics: his distinctive trait, in addition to his mustache since he was 25 years old, is always having the joke ready snatching at all of us a smile.
Remove everything, but not the Moustache Wax, an elastic and moldable texture that gives a long-lasting look. The second product that can not and does not want to give up is Oltresiero, A hydration booster serum enriched with hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin and counteracts the signs of aging.

The Sporty Daddy
For our sports dad every day is a challenge: great football fan, loves sports and competition. He always tries a new activity to never stay still: now it’s the padel’s turn.
In his bag you can never miss the multipurpose shower gel of her favorite fragrance: Secret Potion N.3. Practical to use thanks to its size, can be used on body and hair.
He also chose Agnostico, our best seller, the ideal product to moisturize the face and beard even short.

The Bearded Daddy
Here we come to our bearded dad, making everyone feel comfortable is one of his qualities, is one of those people who never sees the problems as such but as an opportunity to improve.
It happens very often that he is around and with him can not miss the Beard-Washing Exfoliating Paste, in practical travel format, the perfect product to soften and give brightness to the beard. His second must-have is the Secret Potion N.3 perfume, his «signature scent», inspired by the world of motors one of his great passions.

The Spender Daddy
We close with our spendthrift dad a great fan of sneakers, who collects for years, always dispenses great advice when it comes to making new purchases, and many times gives in to the purchase too.
The two products he bought and bought countless times are the Toning Moisturizing Cream and Elisir N.3. The first is comfortable to the application can keep the skin hydrated for a long time, provides a powerful toning and soothing effect. The second is its «signature scent», a fragrance with heady notes: the sweetness of honey is mixed with leather.

A small team composed of many different types of dads but especially of men, because, as mentioned before, it does not matter whether or not you are a dad on this day. If you recognize yourself in these descriptions, we believe that their "must have" products can easily become or already be yours!

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