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30-07-2020 | Hair

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Executive Contour is an haircut characterized by a linear and soft fade, with a strong vision of the side line.
The upper part of the hair is left long and combed on one side; the sides and the nape, on the other hand, are shaded in a traditional way.
Fundamental is that the upper part of the hair follows the shape of the head without creating volume. It’s therefore a simple and clean fade, which follows the shape of the head and the hairline.
The perfect Executive Contour is executed with a gradient ranging from 3 mm to 6 mm.
To block the hairstyle and for a more glossy look, you can use the Super Super Fixing Shiny Pomade, which guarantees a super seal throughout the day.
The Executive Contour is the most requested cut by several generations of men. In the 50s, American advertisers were the biggest testimonials of this cut that continues today, despite the passing of the years, to be successful.

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