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16-06-2022 | Hair News

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The legendary looks of Elvis live on in Bullfrog barbershops.
On the occasion of the release of Elvis, the film from Baz Luhrmann, the visionary director nominated for the Oscar, in Italian cinemas from now 22 June 2022, Bullfrog collaborates with Warner Bros. Pictures to revive the unforgettable looks of the king of rock in his barbershops!
The film explores the complex dynamics between Elvis (Austin Butler) and his manager Tom Parker (Tom Hanks), over a 20-year period from Presley’s debut to fame, that reached an unprecedented level of celebrity against the backdrop of an evolving cultural landscape that marks the loss of innocence in America.
Bullfrog wanted to pay homage to Memphis legend by reinterpreting three of its most iconic looks in a contemporary key:
Pompadour - typically from the 50s, the Pompadour men’s cut is the one that is most easily associated with the image of Elvis, the most representative of the apex of his career. It has rather long hair at the top of the head, with smooth or shorter sides. The hair is made very voluminous in the front of the hairline as it flows backwards. In the cut made by Bullfrog the shape is made more modern thanks to the nuance on the neck and the very defined contours. The sideburns, fundamental element of the look of Elvis, remain a center of attention but change length compared to the style of the 50s, and are cut neatly and pointed. The styling is defined with Super Holding Fixing Spray and Natural Effect Molding Paste.
Executive Contour - the characteristic of the Executive Contour, similar in length to the Pompadour, is the direction of the hair, which instead of being brought backwards are moved to one side, showing a sharp side line. It’s the "good American boy" cut that Elvis will wear during and after his famous military service in Germany in 1958. Also in this case, the reinterpretation of Bullfrog focuses on modern details such as the nuance on the neck and the pointed sideburns. The styling is fixed with Super Hold Fixing Spray and High Definition Glossy Pomade.
Tirabaci - an absolutely unforgettable sign of the early days Elvis is definitely the tuft of long hair that made him irresistible and innovative for the crowds of fans who crowded his concerts. It is the cut with the most contemporary Bullfrog reinterpretation, which combines the classic "sexy" tuft, shiny and falling before the eyes in a soft and fake-casual, with the nape and neck left deliberately longer, almost like in a mullet, cut after the period of fame of Elvis, but that goes well with his look and that the actor Austin Butler has often flaunted on the red carpet after the filming of the film. Here, too, styling is defined with High Definition Glossy Pomade.
Voluminous foliage, asymmetries in the lengths, double cuts, pointed sideburns and shiny tufts. Look typically 50s, but revisited in a contemporary key, for a guaranteed #EffettoRock!
Elvis has left the building .... Bullfrog is on stage !

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