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03-10-2022 | Skincare

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media-imgOctober for Bullfrog is the month dedicated to Skincare (click here to see the dedicated promotion). Do you know those videogames with levels dedicated to the little ones but that really excite us adults?
Here, for us at Bullfrog our skincare works the same way; a level path that has the ultimate goal of getting an energetic, hydrated and fitter skin than ever!
The goal of our first level is to fight dirt and defeat everything that has accumulated on our face during the day and beyond. Did you know that the skin also at night continues to "work" producing sebum?
The two allies that will help us to face this challenge and complete the level are: the Anti-Pollution Cleansing Mousse and the Anti-Stress Exfoliating Gel. It is up to us to choose which one to use and when, on the basis of the obstacle that will arise before us. Now, let’s understand together what are the super powers of these two helpers!
Anti-Pollution Cleansing Mousse
The first ally in this mission is the Anti-Pollution Cleansing Mousse, from the brand new Blue Botanical line. The perfect accomplice that thanks to its active ingredients, gently removes dirt residues and impurities freeing pores. Among his super powers he also has the ability to transform: from liquid, in fact, it becomes a foam soft as a cloud, which leaves a feeling of softness and comfort on the skin. Not bad, is it?
Anti-Stress Gel Exfoliating
Our second companion to tackle the first level is the Anti-Stress Exfoliating Gel. This ally is able to prepare the skin to cope with the stress of a long day reloading energy in the morning, and making it fade at the end of the day.  Even sensitive skins are friends of this companion a little "rough" because of its exfoliating particles given by hemp. These remove impurities, thoroughly cleanse the face, giving it a pleasant feeling of relax.
This first level brings with it many wrong stereotypes and beliefs. Many people, in fact, underestimate the importance of choosing the right ally to complete the challenge. For example, many people rinse their face with water, without actually washing it, or worse, they do it with a hand soap. These, in fact, are not friends but enemies of the face that can cause irritation. Be careful, however, not to overdo it with our worthy allies, an excessive use of their super powers is likely to dry the skin, but we will definitely talk about this later! For now remember that the secret lies in finding the right balance!
Here we are, now the dirt has been removed, we completed our first mission and we prepare to face the second level! Follow us to find out what will be the second mission that we will have to complete!


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