13-11-2023 | Hair Beard Moustache Fragrances Skincare

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The blackest Friday of the year is now upon us, the offers are going crazy on the web and in shops and in this mare magnum it could happen that you have unclear ideas: buying many products which will then turn out to be useless in the future, the whose purchase was dictated by the frenzy of the moment or being overwhelmed by the indecision of not being able to choose what to buy.
Don’t worry! As you know well, we never let you alone, especially in times of need. In these cases, a guide to purchasing our products, from the iconic and most loved ones to the new arrivals, could prove to be a very useful tool for expertly navigating the offers that surround us.
Let's find out together what they are!

Agnostico: a product that has made the history of the brand, embodying its spirit and values. Our timeless balm is a must for taming even the most unruly beard and extinguishing shaving irritation. Now also available in its Limited Edition Agnostico Artist in two new and colorful versions. Don't worry, the product inside is the same as always.
A fresh transparent gel with a classic and powdery fragrance, which gives accurate and high-precision shaves. The Invisible Shaving Gel, thanks to its transparent texture, guarantees great visibility of the area to be shaved, avoiding any injuries and scars. In its new aluminum tube, this gel is attentive to shaving and the environment.
A product designed to take the simple daily gesture of hand cleansing to the next level thanks to its surprising texture that envelops the hands, leaving the skin very soft and scented. Body Wash offers a complete self-care ritual, both in the shower and by just washing your hands. Its two formats of 500ml and 100ml are ideal for any occasion: in the bathroom at home and in the travel bag. The hydrating effect can be prolonged thanks to the application of the Nourishing Hand Cream: a daily treatment to care for and hydrate the hands, creating an invisible shield that protects them from any external aggression.
The Botanical LAB family has recently expanded and welcomed two new entries, two products with a dual function: both to take care of the hair and to give it the desired look. The Curl Control Foam, with its delicious pistachio and almond fragrance, responds to the needs of curly hair thanks to its styling action, which defines curls and at the same time gives volume. The Smoothing Hydrating Serum is fresh, energizing and marine: it fights frizz while giving shine and hydration to the hair. At the same time it brings benefits to the scalp and hair, leaving them full-bodied and soft to the touch. Curly or straight, your hair can rest assured.
Long awaited and desired by everyone, it has finally arrived in the year of our 10th anniversary. Agnostico Distillate is the result of transforming the iconic fragrance of the Multifunctional Balm into an Eau de Parfum. This is not a replica of the original fragrance of the balm, but a concentration of original ingredients, making the bond even more unique, unmistakable and persistent. Besides this, be careful: a big surprise is waiting for you... keep your antennas high.
Haven't you ever tried our Blue Botanical masks? The launch of the new practical 50ml format is the right opportunity to try both! The Anti-Pollution Exfoliating Mask, with its exfoliating action, given by the micro-grains of charcoal powder, delicately cleanses the skin by gently removing dead cells and freeing the pores from impurities. The Toning Nourishing Mask, with its naturally blue oil-gel texture thanks to azulene, regenerates and nourishes the skin deeply. Red algae extract restores the skin's hydration level, counteracting dryness and leaving it fresh and plump.
What will be your choice? Take advantage of our offers and enjoy Black Friday in perfect Bullfrog style!

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