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28-09-2022 | Hair

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media-imgAutumn is a very delicate moment, a phase of transition that accompanies us from the summer heat to the first winter cold. With autumn there is the return to normal life, to our passions and to the daily challenges that life puts before us. It is therefore natural that haste becomes the normal companion of this period and our hair can be particularly affected.
Don’t worry: at Bullfrog we thought of a 5 step guide to have perfect hair this season.
1. Wellbeing starts with washing
If on holiday laziness got the better of you, it’s time to get back in line! The time of shampoos offered by hotels or found in the shower of the holiday home is over. In fact, combining the right treatment to your hair type is an indispensable condition for their well-being. The shampoos are not all the same, discover those of Bullfrog Botanical Lab and find the one that best suits the needs of your hair and you will see the benefits right away.
2. Too hot is not hair friendly
True, it is no longer time to let your hair dry on the beach under the pleasant heat of the sun. Now as we said, the rush has the upper hand and especially those who wear slightly longer hair can not do without the hair dryer. But we must not get carried away. The health of our hair is always in the viewfinder of high temperatures, so it is good to take a few more minutes, but avoid using the hair dryer at maximum power and too close a distance. Thanks to the Energising Scalp Lotion we can defend our hair more from the action of the hair dryer, giving it shine.
3. Nourish the hair
Of course, we lived the beach life with great well-being, but our hair, most likely, can not say the same. The sun’s rays, salt, sweat, are all elements that, especially when combined, are quite harmful to hair That at the end of the holiday will be drier and weaker than when we left. At the return, when the hair is less stressed, it is the best time to intervene, feeding them with a rich and very natural product. For this we recommend the Bullfrog Nourishing Restorative Butter, a hair and beard conditioner with a soft texture that thanks to its active ingredients protect and give combing to the hair.
4. The way of life
If we forgot about stress this summer, it doesn’t mean our hair is the same. Although a little 'relaxation is good for the hair, in fact, often you can not say the same of the way we relax. Eating unhealthy foods or drinking that extra beer under the umbrella are behaviors that in the long run weaken the hair. No need to be alarmed: it will not be a few weeks of vacation to wear out the hair, but now it’s time to give a healthy twist to your lifestyle! Eating well, doing sports and getting enough sleep is essential for good health, even that of the hair.
5. A haircut occasionally
The last tip for the perfect return is to give a trim to the hair, which growing tend to wear out and ripple because of the many agents from which they are targeted every day. Cutting them by half a centimeter will certainly make them more manageable, but above all it will give a new vigor.
These are simple but fundamental steps to take care of your hair and avoid unpleasant surprises in autumn: did you know that some studies confirm that hair loss or at least the weakening of it is a phenomenon that in autumn intensifies its effect, Even though it happens all year round?
In short, for your hair you need a special attention: we wait for you in our barbershop or on our website.


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