Never before has the beard been so popular: it seems that nobody wants to give up this accessory, which adds a touch of charm to the wearer. The bearded look is present on international catwalks, on musical stages and creates trend even among sportsmen. In its various forms and expressions, the beard is a symbol of social aggregation, which unites different men making them real "Beard Bros", brothers of beard. We’ve identified six prototypes of different men, but all tied together by the same filrouge: the beard.

Rocker bro

A tour full of dates makes the rocker bro a tireless globetrotter. His irresistible charm and his predisposition to music make anyone fall in love, and allow him to collect crowds of groupies. But do not be fooled: behind its irreverent and tough appearance, beats a tender heart of cream.

Relaxed bro

A calm and calm soul has replaced a fiery and sometimes quarrelsome past. A path of change that the relaxed bro has built over time with effort and commitment. Olympic calm and long walks with his faithful companion, make him an (almost) imperturbable bro.

Skater bro


Thirty years and do not feel them! Hat turned back, oversize sweatshirt, board under the arm are his hallmark. Not caring about the clichés that society imposes, the skater bro is no longer a kid, but still has a great desire to have fun and is looking for the most epic backflip ever.


What will be your best Beard Bro?

Business bro

Phone in hand, wrinkled air, ultra-fast connection, there is no mail that does not read. The business bro loves his work, but at the same time does not give up the care of himself.


Drinking bro

We all have a drinking friend. And if we don’t, that friend is us! Always available for a cocktail at the end of the day, the drinking bro goes from (fake) expert winemaker to all-rounder. But what he loves most is being in good company.


Street bro

The street bro does not miss any concert, event, festival. Always in the front row, or under the stage, he does not live without music. His dress code? A comfortable and sporty outfit to be able to unleash without brakes or shoot the basket to the rhythm of music.

Inspired by the six "Beard bros", we created a Limited Edition collection of our iconic Beard-Washing Exfoliating Paste. Six variants, which differ only in the color of the illustration and the sticker on the cap that recalls the reference "bro", and that enclose the same product. A unique formulation (and secret), which cleanses deeply returning to the beard softness and brightness, for a look always nice.

If it is true that the beard is the common denominator that unites different men, it is equally true that beards are not all the same. There are those who love to wear it long, those who opt for a medium cut and those who prefer it short. Regardless of the length, to have a beard always impeccable is essential to take care of it keeping it soft, healthy and bright.

To help all the "Beard bros" in this sense, two beauty routines will come to their rescue, easy to follow and interchangeable with each other. Stay tuned!