Not just a simple look but a real lifestyle: a natural-looking, casual and slightly disheveled look combined with a lifestyle of being outdoors and in contact with the sea. Achieving a full-blown surf style requires a combination of cutting, grooming and specific products that together give that cool, relaxed mood typical of those who spend all year with a board under their arm hunting for the perfect wave. Even away from the beach, live the good vibes of surfing with a fresh, casual look with an exotic touch that will always make you feel just a stone's throw from the ocean. Follow our tips on how to get the look and get ready to ride the wave in style!


It's not only a matter of look, is a real lifestyle: a typical surfer look!


Natural cut is the way

Once your hair reaches between 7 and 10 inches in length, it's time to pay a visit to your local barbershop. Ask your barber to maintain a slightly longer length on top, with shorter layers underneath. This way, with this layering technique, the cut will have movement and texture and the hair will be more voluminous and easier to manage.


Daily care

For cleansing, use a mild, sulfate-free shampoo to avoid removing hair's natural oils and drying it out. Our Delicate Cleansing Fluid is formulated to maintain skin balance while leaving hair full-bodied, shiny and restructured. Thanks to the soothing and revitalizing properties of its botanical active ingredients, it is particularly suitable for cases of scalp and skin sensitivity and irritation. The fresh and unusual fragrance, based on tomato leaf and peppermint, matches the cool character of the cut.

With hair still damp, apply Energizing Scalp Lotion: a fluid serum that can reactivate skin microcirculation and defend the hair. In fact, thanks to its acid pH, it counteracts the dulling action of the limescale in the shower water, making the hair more resistant and shinier.


Sea-effect styling

"Getting carried away by the waves and the wind has never been so easy and effortless, even in everyday life." This is the promise of the new entry in the styling category. Wave Effect Salt Spray is the new salt spray (water-based) that can give volume and define the natural movements of hair. To achieve natural, voluminous waves with a wild effect, spray it on damp hair, shape the strands with your hands and finally let it air dry naturally. The captivating fragrance of ginger beer is a combination of spicy and citrus notes, appreciated in both summer and winter.


Your new ally on the beach: Wave Effect Salt Spray.


Extra care

Our outward appearance mirrors our daily lifestyle, including our hair! A balanced diet rich in omega-3 oils and B and D vitamins and a high level of hydration help keep our hair healthy and hydrated. In addition, regular scalp massages help reactivate microcirculation, making hair stronger.


By following these tips, you can achieve and maintain a perfect surfer hair style that will look natural, casual and full of character. Remember, the key is to strike a balance between care and spontaneity, just like real surfers do!