A new perfume, a fragrant and icy jus to “sip” by the sea, inspired by the aromatic complexity and attention to sensoriality of a cocktail made in mixology style. Irredeemably fresh, incredibly juicy, and perfectly balanced: the new Agnostico On the Rocks Eau de Parfum with its crisp and intense scent seems to have come straight from the tumbler of an imaginative bartender.

In fact, this olfactory journey is inspired by that feeling and taste that only a frozen cocktail, tasted by the sea at sunset, can give you. Agnostico On the Rocks succeeds in replicating that precise sensory experience by reconstructing the scents of an expertly blended Gin Tonic.

In fact, as in the world of mixology, which is based on the study of the “chemistry of flavors” and works on blending ingredients by adding the different components strategically, it has a perfect balance. Also in the perfume universe, the goal is to create a complex flavor profile where the many olfactory notes can flow harmoniously in a balanced composition.



In the Agnostico On the Rocks blend, a reinterpretation of the iconic fragrance of our Agnostico All-In-One Balm: anise with its intense, spicy aroma blends with the freshness and liveliness of citrus to arrive at the reassuring warmth of woods, creating a jus that puts one in a good mood and manages to bring a smile to the wearer and the listener.

Credit to the fresh and fruity beginning given by top notes of pineapple, bergamot, anise and mandarin that recall that energy and brightness typical of relaxed summer atmospheres. The heart notes then create an intriguing and sensual olfactory experience thanks to davana, sweet and fruity but also slightly herbaceous, geranium with green and slightly spicy overtones, nutmeg with a rich and enveloping aroma, and oud with an exotic and mysterious charm.

Amber and woody base notes make this Eau de Parfum even deeper and more persistent with the sensuality of amber, the softness of benzoin, the opulence of patchouli, the creaminess of sandalwood and the earthiness of vetiver.



The newly born Agnostico On the Rocks enriches the saga that began in the summer of 2023 with the launch of Agnostico Distillate, which marked the celebration of our first 10 years, and that of Agnostico Spiced in the fall of the same year. To discover all these olfactory creations, which have as a common thread the presence of the anise note, here is the new Discovery Kit Agnostico Saga: a kit containing 2-ml samples of the 3 jus and a 10€ voucher valid for the purchase of the 100ml fragrance.

Try them all, choose your favorite and buy it at a special price! Discovery Kits are also available for all the other fragrance collections (Secret Potion, Elixir, and Elements), but if anyone still has doubts or wants additional guidance on buying the ideal fragrance, they can consult the Fragrance Finder. How does it work? Simply answer a short questionnaire consisting of 5 questions, some more technical and some more emotional, to obtain, based on the answers given, a shortlist of 3 different recommended fragrances.