We waited for her for a long time: after months of cold, damp and grey, spring has finally arrived. The clear sky and the warm sun that warms the days trigger an immediate positive effect on the mood, restoring the energy, which during the winter, seemed dormant. However, spring is not only a season "sparkling" and full of joy, but also the time of year when the desire to "clean up" becomes urgent!

It is from the premise that the "great spring cleaning" not only concerns the domestic environment but also the working environment, that our partnership with Nuncas, a reference brand in the field of home care with over 200 references, designed and developed for the care of fabrics, the cleaning of surfaces and the scent of environments, constantly seeking excellence.


A clean barbershop is the best business card to the customer.


"We are convinced that all environments, domestic and working, need the right care for a deep cleaning. This is where we decided to develop this partnership with Bullfrog. We have combined expertise in the area of beard and hair care with attention to cleanliness and hygiene at work, to ensure a flawless environment for customers and professionals in the industry." declared the experts of Nuncas.

As our Barbershop Customer Report 2024 reveals (you can download here), in fact, environmental hygiene is one of the main drivers in choosing Barbershop. The cleaning of the premises and the tools used for the care of the beard and hair are an essential business card for the customer.

Not only studies and advice on the most trendy cuts and styling or grooming products, but thanks to the collaboration with Nuncas, we want to offer a valuable contribution to support all professionals in the sector also for the care of the cleaning of their business premises.

Inside a dedicated guide (download here) that analyzes the most common surfaces that make up a Barbershop and highlight its peculiar characteristics, we have identified together with Nuncas the best solutions for a deep, complete and easy cleaning, so as to make the store flawless.

Let’s shine beard, hair... and barbershop!