During the summer months, the weather can get very hot and sweating under your beard can be uncomfortable. Hence, shaving is the best solution to reduce that unbearable feeling of heat on the face. For very thick beards, we always recommend shaving before exposure to sunlight to avoid the risk of having two different tans (between the skin hidden under the beard and the one uncovered). Let's find out all the secrets for a perfect summer shave together! 


When to shave? 
Step number one costists in understand when to shave in the summer season. If during the day we plan to spend many hours in the sunlight, then a morning shave is not recommended. In fact, exposing yourself to direct sunlight after shaving could cause further redness and irritation to the skin, already stressed by the invasive action of the razor. Furthermore, sweat and salty sea water could accentuate inflammation. Hence. the best time to shave during summer is the evening, when the skin will face the coolest hours of the day without running the risk of further irritations. 


Who starts well… 
A tip for a successful summer shave is to take a cloth, cool it under  fresh water and let it rest in the fridge for at least half an hour. Apply on your face before shaving, you will soon find that it will be particularly useful for you. 


With or without a beard, hygiene is always the solution 
Before starting to shave, wash your face and beard well with luke warm water and a specific beard cleanser. For short beards, we recommend our Anti-Pollution Cleansing Mousse from the Blue Botanical line: it delicately eliminates dirt residues, giving your skin and beard a pleasant sensation of freshness and softness with marked saline notes. If your beard is medium-long , the Delicate Cleansing Fluid, with an unusual tomato leaf fragrance, will restore skin’s balance, leaving your beard clean, full-bodied and perfumed. This will help loosen the hair, especially the tougher ones around the chin and mustache, and remove any dirt. Furthermore, hot water greatly relaxes the skin, promoting greater razor smoothness and avoiding annoying accidents. If, on the other hand, you want to resort to an even deeper cleansing, one of our best-selling products that will help you in this step: is the Beard-washing Exfoliating Paste, take a small amount and apply it on your beard and face. Massage with circular movements, upon contact with waterit will transform into a very foamy soap and finally continue massaging. Rinse thoroughly with water. This step can also be done during a relaxing shower! 


A touch of softness 
Whether you shave regularly or haven't picked up a razor in a while, hydrate and condition your beard with our Secret Potion All-in-one Bead Oil before you shave. With a dry beard, massage on the face before applying the shaving cream, thus facilitating the sliding of the blade. Available in three different fragrances, it will be your trump card for flawless shaves. 


Brush, bowl and…foam 
It's time to prepare the foam. Whip the Secret Potion Shaving Cream with a brush, using the right amount of water and perhaps helping yourself with a nice bowl. The foam must be thick and not too watered down. Once you have a foam with a rich and full-bodied texture, it's time to apply it with the brush on the face. The Secret Potion Shaving Cream is available in three different fragrances and in two different sizes: 250ml and 100ml. The Nomad Edition travel friendly version will also accompany you during your holidays to always get perfect shaves. Pack it! 


Shave = Relax 
The moment of shaving must be a moment of pleasant relax. A moment entirely for us in which we dedicate extra attention to ourselves with gestures aimed at our well-being. Especially if you haven't shaved for a long time, take all the time you need to carry out each step with total calm and care. Proceed in small sections of shaving being careful not to exert excessive pressure with the razor and to exaggerate with the counter grain. By doing this you will avoid possible and annoying skin irritations. 


Shave yes, but not every day 
In general, a daily shave is never a good choice as there is always the risk of keeping the skin in a permanent state of irritation. Even more so in the summer when external factors such as heat and humidity contribute to making the situation worse. The line to be adopted throughout the year, therefore, is to shave every 2-3 days in order to let the skin find its natural balance and not become inflamed. 


A boost of freshness 
Just as our barbers do during their services in the barbershop, you too can adopt small tricks like a true professional: at the end of the shave, gently apply a cold cloth to your face, previously placed in the refrigerator, in order to calm the sensation of heat and soothe the skin of the face which is inevitably put to the test by the razor. A simple gesture that will make you and your skin feel completely regenerated after a summer shave. As a final touch to prolong the pleasant cooling effect of the cold cloth, you can apply our iconic and legendary all-in-one balm to your freshly shaved face: Agnostico. Also available in the alcoholic version, Agnostico Aftershave Lotion is a light and evanescent gel with a refreshing action that gives a comfortable and regenerating massage on the freshly shaved face. 


Constant and continuous hydration 
Never forget to moisturize your skin daily and drink plenty of water. The first shaves after wearing a beard for months could, in fact, be more difficult because the skin will be drier and the hair more resistant. The Toning Hydrating Cream, applied morning and evening, will always keep the hydration level of your face skin high, toning it.