Curly hair has a charm of its own. However, only those with naturally curly hair know styling it and keeping it healthy are not easy tasks. They require constant care: an easy routine to adopt every day to avoid the boring frizzy effect and thus have perfectly defined and voluminous curls even on short hair. Let's discover the fundamental steps together!


Before starting it is important to make a premise. An in-depth knowledge on your hair type is necessary, to best enhance your curl type: light, soft waves or tight. Furthermore, especially for this hair type, we recommend turning to a professional barber who can reccomend the best cut depending of the type of curls and face shape.


Hydrating cleanser and nourishment

Choosing the right cleansing product makes a big difference. Curly hair needs to be cleansed and nourished thoroughly and deeply, with specific ingredients that are able to carry out these important tasks without weighing it down too much and without depriving it of its natural volume. Let's discover them together!

Start by washing your hair with the Nourishing Restorative Shampoo, a cleanser with a delicious almond and pistachio fragrance which hydrates and revitalized curly hair, whilst fighting dryness and annoying frizz.

After cleansing your hair it's time to nourish it. Our Nourishing Restorative Butter is a balm with a soft and enveloping texture with a softening action on hair.


The importance of blow dry

A phase that is very often underestimated but which plays a crucial role in obtaining the desired result. An incorrect blow dry, which is too aggressive and does not respect the nature of curly hair, can lead to unwanted consequences such as swollen and frizzy hair with no definition. It is possible to use a traditional hairdryer, but it is essential to choose one equipped with a diffuser that facilitates uniform drying and controls heat flow. Thanks to the diffuser, in fact, curly hair will be compact and well defined, with a result very similar to that of air drying.


A curly effect styling

And to give a perfect curly effect to your styling? Don't worry, the new addition to the Botanical Lab family, the Curl Control Foam, will take care of it. An easy-to-use and extremely sensorial foam that responds to the needs of curly hair. With its uniforming action it defines curls, giving volume and hydration at the same time. 


Anti-frizz accessories always with you

When caring for curly hair, accessories also play a fundamental role in always having hair with defined volumes! Curly hair requires some extra care and attention even after shampooing and washing time; in fact, in addition to using the diffuser already discussed above, we recommend another "indispensable" accessory for its anti-frizz action.


To remove excess water from your hair after a shower, we recommend using a microfibre cloth instead of the classic cotton towel. It might seem like a relatively important step, but using a cotton towel is never a good idea as the sponge absorbs too much water, depriving the curls of their natural level of hydration and the protective oils that characterize this type. of hair. Dabbing (and not rubbing) your hair with a microfibre cloth, however, ensures the right level of absorbency, useful for leaving your hair wet just enough for the styling product.

In conclusion, caring for curly hair takes time and dedication, but the results can be spectacular. With the right products and correct practices, your curly hair can become a real source of pride. Value and always love them!