Like every year, we submitted a survey to our newsletter subscribers, thanks to which we were able to gain a better and more in-depth understanding of their tastes, habits and preferences regarding grooming products and services.  A moment of mutual dialogue: the occasion for them to give their free opinion, for us an interesting opportunity to collect their points of view and improve ourselves every day. 

To the question "what are the products you use most for your hairstyle?" the survey gave us a result on which we want to focus our attention. In fact, it emerged, with 36.8% of preferences, that the favorite styling product is matt wax. A curious discovery, which gave us the opportunity to reflect on the reasons for this choice, trying to identify the reasons supporting this result:  

  • Fixation and hold: hair wax offers a stronger hold than other styling products. This is especially helpful for keeping hair in place throughout the day. 

  • Flexibility: convenient and versatile, wax allows you to shape your hair in various ways, both to obtain a more natural look and a more structured one. You can create different styles depending on your preferences. 

  • Natural look: wax tends to give the hair the most natural look possible, a styling product that is there but can't be seen. 

  • Ease of use: easy to apply and work into your hair, the wax can be reapplied or reshaped throughout the day (if necessary) giving a touch of freshness to your look. 

  • Ease of washing: being a product that is mostly water-soluble, the wax is easy to wash off with shampoo without leaving that annoying greasy sensation on the hair. 

Suitable for different hair lengths: the versatility of the wax allows it to be used on different hair lengths, from short to medium-long hair without ever compromising the quality of the final result. 

These reasons are all more than valid, but be careful: as our barbers always advise, a good styling product is useless if at its core there is no care for the hair that makes it strong, clean and healthy. So, let's see which steps to follow before using the wax. 
Good cleansing is a fundamental step to obtain the desired final effect. And what better way than with our Nourishing Restorative Shampoo? A shampoo with a creamy and enveloping texture suitable for all hair types, especially dry hair. It leaves the hair nourished, shiny and silky, giving it a sweet and delicious scent, based on almonds and pistachios. 

Finally, for a perfect matt finish worthy of its name, our Sculpting Matt Wax comes to our rescue: after heating the wax with your fingers, you can proceed with the application. Thanks to its ultra-structuring action, the wax defines and separates the locks, giving the hair a sculpted effect with a medium-strong hold. Its rigid composition has the advantage of not making the hair sticky or leaving residues. It is advisable to apply small quantities of product at a time so as to gradually achieve the desired look.