Today we get to know better Michele Lo Zupone, a young but already expert barber at the barbershop in Via Dante in Milan. His passion for the world of barbering was born at an early age; in fact, at just 19 years old he began to become familiar with scissors, razors and combs in a salon in Latina, his hometown. The first to arrive at the salon and the last to leave, Michele with his great desire to learn and get involved improved every day, assimilating from the most expert barbers all the technical knowledge that lead him to be what he is today, a 360° professional barber. 


A more natural step for him than ever, that of becoming a barber, managing to reconcile his interests in terms of passion and profession. After moving from Latina to Milan, Michele started working for Bullfrog in 2022, becoming a man, from emerging barber to a complete professional. His artistic streak harmoniously blends the pillars of classic barbering with a more modern philosophy, all influenced by his other big passion, music. 
After this introduction to Michele's personal and professional profile, on the occasion of the World Beard Day, we had the opportunity to interview him and figure out together which Bullfrog product he is madly in love with. 


- Hi Michele! What is your favorite Bullfrog product? 
“Well, without any doubt the Invisible Shaving Gel. In this new packaging, a 100ml aluminum tube, is even cooler!”  


- Thinking about this product, what are the first three adjectives that come to mind? 
“Practical: due to the great ease of use both for us barbers in the shop and for customers at home. Fresh: for the pleasant sensation that leaves on the skin after shaving. Precise: thanks to its invisible texture, it allows you to define the contours of the beard with maximum accuracy, giving a clean and tidy appearance.” 


- In terms of performance, what impresses you most? 
“Being a very simple product to use, I really appreciate its great effectiveness on all occasions. In fact, it allows you to obtain perfectly defined contours both in the barbershop and at home.” 


- When you use it in the barbershop for a shaving service, what is the customer feedback? 
“They are all pleasantly impressed by the precision of the cut and the final effect without incurring all the problems that could arise with a definition, such as micro-cuts, graininess or folliculitis.” 


- And if our Invisible Shaving Gel was a famous person, who would it be in your opinion? 
“Timothy Armstrong, singer and guitarist of Rancid.” 


- Interesting... why did you think of him in particular? 
“From my point of view, Armstrong fully embodies the street-punk/skin head movement of the 90s. Currently he has a very particular style: with his head completely shaved and tattooed, he wears a very thick and long beard. The Invisible Shaving Gel with its eclectic character could be the perfect product for the Rancid frontman, not only to give greater definition to the edges of a very full beard like his but also for shaving the head."