Tony Effe, the iconic Italian rapper and leading figure of the Dark Polo Gang, is always in the spotlight for his unique and bold style. Recently, during an interview, he revealed something that sparked the interest of thousands of fans about his coveted hairlook. In fact, Tony said he spends over €500 on his haircut for which he relies on two professionals, a hairdresser for perm treatment and a barber for flawless shading, thus combining the best of both worlds to achieve his distinctive grooming.

But what is the secret behind such defined and flawless curls? Our barber Matteo Torrielli, an expert on curly haircuts, reveals all the details.


Let's start with the features of Tony Effe's cut: what makes him so wanna-have?

"The rapper's cut, commonly referred to as "curly," is a comfortable, cool and elegant style. The perm, a chemical treatment that creates or strengthens curls in the hair, is the secret behind its well-defined spiral texture. If the hair is naturally very wavy you can achieve the same result even without this particular procedure.

What makes Tony Effe's hairstyle eye-catching is the shade, known as the "burst taper": a modern, dynamic style that is increasingly popular with men seeking a bold, distinctive look. Characterized by its unique semi-circle shape around the ear, this type of shade, curving along the back, offers a fresh, edgy aesthetic that is instantly distinctive. Technically, it is a shade with three main highlights: two on the temporal part (temples) and one placed on the back of the nape of the neck (neck), with a round shape throughout the head area. A style that, combined with a well-groomed beard, becomes even more attractive and contemporary."


Matteo Torrielli is the Bullfrog's most-skilled barber about curly styles.


Are there any special tricks the barber has to consider to achieve this cut?

"Personally, I tend to recommend highlights in the temporal and back areas or a low fade (low fade) to always achieve and maintain a certain movement and elegance, without distorting the shape of the curl. Treating curly hair is very satisfying, but at the same time complex, barber's word. The types of curls are many different and it is important not to make mistakes because they will then be more difficult to correct, also because while it is true that this hair grows as much as straight hair, more time is needed before it can visibly lengthen than for less swirly textures. Treating them requires experience and precision. Perming, if not properly cared for, can lose its definition over time. Therefore, it is essential to adopt a maintenance routine that includes nourishing treatments and products specifically for a chemically treated head."


Curl care and definition at home: what to do?

Curly hair care is an art that requires attention and dedication. Here are three basic pillars to keep "Tony Effe-style" styling in tip-top shape:

1) Cleansing: It is essential to use gentle products that will not dehydrate the curl. Avoid harsh shampoos and prefer moisturizing and nourishing formulas. I recommend our Nourishing Restorative Shampoo, with a mix of plant oils that restructure hair and beard fibers, improving elasticity. Wash hair every 3-4 days, avoiding rubbing it vigorously to prevent knots. When drying, it is advisable to use a low-power diffuser or let the hair air-dry naturally, avoiding the use of high-temperature blow dryers that can damage the curl structure.

2) Nourishing: Curly hair needs constant nourishing. At least once a week it is recommended to use a nourishing treatment specifically for curly hair that helps restore body and movement, keeping it supple and shiny. Our recommendation is Nourishing Restorative Butter, with pistachio oil with emollient properties, protects against external aggressions and leaves hair shiny.


Curl Control Foam
Curl Control Foam: can't miss in every curly-style routine.


3) Styling: To define and maintain the shape of curls, it is essential to use styling products specifically for this type of hair. Avoid those that can weigh you down and prefer light mousses or gels that give shape while maintaining lightness. Apply the product to damp hair, distributing it evenly with your hands or a wide-tooth comb, leaving it to dry naturally or use a diffuser for best results. Our recommendation is Curl Control Foam, with acacia gum that leaves hair soft to the touch and gives long-lasting definition to the curl.