The hard fight against the summer heat seems to be a challenge from insurmountable difficulties for our beard, but through some smart tricks you can come out winners and not won. Beard lovers, do not worry, through our valuable tips you can continue to enjoy your much loved beard even during the summer, without having to resort to the drastic method of shaving. Here’s how to do it!

Clean beard = healthy beard

During the summer, the beard can accumulate sweat and dirt faster because of the heat. Be sure to wash and clean your beard regularly, using a specific shaving shampoo. This will help remove impurities and keep hair clean. Our Restorative Nourishing Shampoo, with a soft and creamy texture and a sweet fragrance of almond and pistachio, leaves the beard soft and shiny. For a deep cleansing and exfoliation, however, we recommend the Beard-Washing Exfoliating Paste, perfect to give the beard a shiny and tidy appearance eliminating odors, thanks to the special ingredient that neutralizes the odors of food and smoke. Ideal to use even in the shower!


Change your habits

Whether it is long or short, the beard always needs an eye for care. In fact, it is wrong to think that a shorter beard needs less attention. It is simply a slight change of habits. If until yesterday with a long beard you used comb and oil to regulate the most rebellious hairs, today with a shorter beard we recommend a shaving brush and a balm. The brush, thanks to its wild boar bristles, is better suited for shorter lengths and to distribute more evenly the products over the entire beard.


Moisturize and nourish your beard 

Be sure to regularly moisturize your beard during the summer. Sun and dry air can make your beard hair dry and brittle. Applied at night when temperatures are lower, the Anti-stress Night Mask,  with its light texture and hemp-based formulation, will revitalize the beard without weighing it down. In case you are ever nostalgic and you can not do without an oil, the ideal solution is Oliocento: a light oil with an evanescent and almost dry texture that does not grease but nourishes.


A face to face with the barber  

Have you decided to shorten your beard to better manage the summer heat but you don’t trust DIY? Do not worry, before you change your look compared to one of our barbers. Together with him, you can choose the new style of beard that best suits your face shape. But do not wait too long and above all do not make the mistake of exposing yourself to the sun before you have shortened the beard: the differences in color on non-tanned skin may be noticed. In addition, our barbers are always ready to advise you on a number of necessary actions to take care of and keep your beard in the correct way. In this way, it will be possible to wear a beard always in perfect condition and avoid the most common mistakes that could compromise its appearance.


Defined contours for a fresh look

To obtain a beard with well-defined contours, we recommend the use of the Invisible Shaving Gel. This gel ensures an extremely precise shave, thanks to its unique formulation that creates a thin protective barrier between the razor blade and the skin. This minimises the risk of irritation, cuts or scratches. The transparency of its texture allows you to clearly see the areas in which you are shaving, offering a clear view of the desired end result. This allows you to model sideburns, moustaches and goatees accurately and accurately. In summary, the Invisible Shaving Gel is an essential product to obtain a defined and well-groomed beard!


Moisture protection

Moisture can cause the appearance of mold or fungus in the beard. Be sure to dry your beard thoroughly after washing it and, if necessary, use a low-temperature hair dryer to dry it completely.