In the vast and complex world of perfumery, fragrance artists are constantly seeking inspiration from a wide range of elements.

Among the most intriguing and fascinating ingredients, spices stand as essential components that add depth, warmth and complexity to fragrances. Used in perfumery since ancient times, spices are defined as "substances of vegetal origin used to enrich the flavor of foods and drinks, used as a natural medicine, as a preservative or for their perfume. Generally they are ingredients of exotic origin, mostly traded from the East and Mediterranean countries, obtained from different varieties of aromatic plants".

The great variety of spices is made up of different types: from the best known such as black pepper, cinnamon, cloves and ginger to the less "famous" ones such as thistles, mace, tonka bean and the many varieties of pepper (Jamaica, long Selim, red of Cambodia, Sichuan, Timut...).
All these spices can be found within the fragrances that are part of the olfactory family of oriental fragrances. Warm and passionate compositions capable of defining enveloping olfactory sensations, evocations of distant worlds and almost unknown smells.
Fragrances are often characterized by three olfactory notes: top, heart and base. Spices can be used in each of these phases to create a complex olfactory structure. The top notes offer an immediate impact, while the spices in the heart and base contribute to a long-lasting persistence. Some spices have become true icons in perfume creation. Cinnamon can add warmth and sweetness, black pepper gives a spicy and lively touch, while clove offers an enveloping and sensual note.

The combination of different spices together has allowed the creation of Agnostico Spiced: a revisitation of the iconic fragrance of the Multifunctional Balm to which very spicy and intense ingredients have been added which give a very strong boost to the fragrance. These make the blend enveloping, warm and persistent. With an original and insolent character, the second fragrance in the Agnostico Eau de Parfum saga is an olfactory journey with a spicy start, an enveloping heart and a woody base.
The creative use of spices in perfumery is an art that continues to evolve, leading to fragrances that stimulate the senses and tell unique stories. Exploring the world of spicy fragrances is an exciting journey that immerses us in a universe of unique and unforgettable olfactory sensations.