Don't know what to give your dad to impress him on his birthday? Are you a dad, and you haven't chosen your self-gift yet, right? Don't worry! It's true, March 19th is just around the corner, but we'll give you some good ideas for a Father's Day in a #EffettoBullfrog version!



A love at first sight that blossomed at the appearance of the first facial hairs. A feeling born, grown and nurtured with passion and attention with targeted and precise gestures of care. For all bearded dads, it's not just a beard but a must-have accessory to be proud of and brag about to your friends. Quality, fragrance and efficacy (at the highest levels) are the search criteria for the care products of the accessory most loved by beard lovers. Let's discover some of them for a beardcare like a real PRO:


Having a clean, soft, fragrant beard is no longer a dream but a concrete reality thanks to one of our most loved and best-selling products: Beard Washing Exfoliating Paste. Used a couple of times a week, even in the shower, it deeply cleanses the beard, giving a shiny and tidy appearance and an unparalleled softness to the beard.


For a beard look that is always impeccable, you can't do without adjusting the edges. A fundamental step to be managed with the right products, such as our Invisible Shaving Gel. Thanks to its transparent texture and structure, it guarantees perfect visibility of the area to be shaved, reducing the risk of scratches and redness. A professional effectiveness combined with a powdery and classic fragrance, which echoes the atmosphere that you breathe in barbershops.


Our longest-lived and best-loved product is the perfect ally to round off your routine. With its unmistakable and persistent fragrance, Agnostico  moisturizes the skin of the face and tames all types of beards: from short and shaggy to long and frizzy.


The best choice for a bearded dad: Agnostico!



For all those dads who don't even know what a beard is. The ritual of shaving is considered a sacred moment during which you take care of body and soul: shaving cream and razor blend introspection and self-reflection for a satisfying result inside and out. Clean-shaven men see a clean face as the quintessence of modern man's elegance and need the right allies to perform their favorite gesture of care.


A fundamental step to soften the beard and prepare it for the passage of the blade. Available in three different fragrances, from the most woody and aromatic to the most marine and amber, Secret Potion multifunctional beard oils cater to different tastes for a professional pre-shave.


Secret Potion Shaving Cream, Porcelain Shaving Bowl and Safety Razor. The 3 must-haves for a flawless shave, at home or in the barbershop. Once the cream has been whipped in the bowl and a rich and full-bodied foam has been obtained, apply it to the face and shave in small sections and paying attention to the countergrain.


At the end of the shave, it is important to soothe the freshly shaved skin with a highly moisturizing product. The Mild Aftershave Fluid leaves the skin soft and fresh, it also reduces the risk of irritation thanks to the absence of alcohol and fragrance in its formula.


Shaving Cream is a typical choice of a shaved dad



And for dads who don't have a huge passion for beards and shaving? No problem, a fragrance always makes everyone agree! From the Elements Eau de Toilette family to the Secret Potion, Elisir and Agnostico Eau de Parfum lines, the choice is wide and varied to meet all olfactory tastes. We realize that buying a perfume without ever smelling it is really complicated... For this reason, we have created the new Discovery Kits, thanks to which you can discover all our fragrances, choose your favorite and get a discount on the purchase of the full size.


And what kind of dad are you/have?