Monsters, ectoplasms, vampires... October 31ST, with its halo of terrifying fear, brings with it all these creatures, the fruit of the darkest and most hidden imagination. On Halloween night, scaring your friends is the real goal of the party. How to do? Simple, look the most gruesome of all.
However, let's remember that the trick or treat night lasts only few hours, while on the other days of the year we want our appearance to be tidy and well cared for. Fortunately, our barbershops are safe havens where "monstrosities" are categorically not allowed, but the scary world of mistakes not to be made in the barbershop is vast and varied: let's discover them together!


Customer errors:


Arriving late

One of the mistakes clients can make is arriving late for their appointment. This can cause discomfort for both the customer and the barber and could affect the quality of the service received: a precise and high quality haircut requires time and tranquility, in order to carry out all the technical steps in a workmanlike manner.


Misleading communication
It is essential to clearly communicate what you want to achieve from the cut or shave. Bringing a photo as reference can help the barber better understand your expectations.


Being distracted
When you're in the barbershop, it's important to be present in the moment and enjoy the experience. Avoid being distracted by your phone or other devices, as this can affect the accuracy of the cut and the final result.


Don't follow the barber's advice
Barbers are experienced professionals and can often give advice on which beard style or haircut is best suited to your face shape and hair type. Ignoring this advice could lead to a less than fully satisfactory result.


Barbers' mistakes:


Don't listen to the customer

Listening carefully to your customer's needs and preferences is essential. Ignoring their requests or doing the opposite of what they want can lead to a bad customer experience.


Lack of hygiene
Hygiene is essential in a barber shop. Tools and equipment must be cleaned and sterilized customer after customer. The barber's personal appearance, such as cleanliness of hands and nails, is also important.


Being too pushy
Customers go to the barbershop also to relax, so it is important to respect their personal space. Barbers must therefore avoid being too intrusive or asking too personal questions, unless the customer shows an interest in conversing. 


Not providing professional advice
In addition to performing the required services, barbers should also be able to provide professional advice. This might include tips on how to maintain a well-groomed beard or how to care for hair.


Not keeping up to date
Fashion and trends in the world of haircuts and beards are constantly changing, especially in an ever-evolving society like today's. Barbers must stay up to date on the latest trends and techniques in order to offer customers high-quality, up-to-date services.


A visit to the barbershop can be a very pleasant experience, but it is important to avoid mistakes that could affect customer satisfaction or the reputation of the barber. Both customers and barbers should strive to ensure that every visit to a barbershop is a positive and rewarding experience, without turning into a Halloween-style waking nightmare.