The trend of the long beard blossomed in the now distant 70’s is back to leg stretched nowadays. Be careful though, as in all things the step from an elegant and clean look to a scruffy and sloppy one is shorter than ever.
Let’s see together what are the necessary steps to have a soft beard, bright and always in order!

Step 1: Clean your beard daily
Keeping your beard clean is essential, but it’s even more important to choose the right cleanser to use. The use of a soap too aggressive could cause dryness as it would also remove the natural oils of the beard.
We recommend the daily use of Nourishing Restorative Shampoo, with a soft and creamy texture, suitable for all types of hair, especially dry ones. Leave the beard nourished and bright without weighing it down. During its formulation have been chosen botanical active ingredients such as sweet almond oil and pistachio, which in addition to releasing a fragrance very tasty and aromatic, have emollient properties and protect against external aggressions such as chlorine in swimming pools.

Step 2: Nourish your beard
Always on a weekly basis, it is important to go and deeply nourish the beard, so as to avoid it being dull, dull and dry. How to do it? With the Nourishing Restorative Butter, which is inspired by the most classic formulations with a soft and enveloping texture, also from the unmistakable pistachio fragrance. In addition to deeply nourishing the beard and hair bulbs thanks to its emollient action, untangles them improving combing. It is recommended to use 1-2 times a week after cleansing.

Barba Lunga

Step 3: Exfoliate weekly
As seen in the first step, cleansing is important but also exfoliation plays a fundamental role. The Beard-Washing Exfoliating Paste, is the secret formula of our barbers to cleanse and exfoliate at the same time the beard, obtaining a more shiny, soft and tidy. In addition, within its formulation there is a special vegetable ingredient that can eliminate the annoying odors of food and smoke.
Its use is very simple, it is applied on a damp beard and massages well with circular movements, after contact with water will form a soft foam. Massage again and then rinse with water. It is recommended to use 1-2 times a week.

Step 4: Hydrate daily
It is not uncommon that long beards can cause itching to those who "wear it", among the reasons why this happens is the fact that there is no hydration. Unlike hair, beard hairs are thicker and growing on dehydrated skin, they may experience itching.
Our Multifunctional Beard Oils, available in three different fragrances Secret Potion N.1, Secret Potion N.2, Secret Potion N.3, come to your rescue. They are ideal if you are looking for a rich and nourishing texture that can make your beard caress-proof.
Do you prefer a conditioner? Then our Agnostico is for you! The main product of our range embodies the perfect product to nourish and discipline even the longest and rebellious beards, taking care of the underlying skin at the same time.

Last but not least: remember to visit your barber to give a small cut to your beard and have the contours always well defined!