In the large universe of fragrances, there is a secret language that speaks directly to our soul: that of olfactory notes. Like a story without words, each perfume is a symphony of smells that evokes emotions, memories and unique sensations. From the sparkling energy of citrus to the enveloping sensuality of wood, each olfactory note contributes to shaping the sensory experience of a fragrance. If we add to these the individual characteristics of the skin, then the perfume becomes a unique and singular feature of ourselves.

Like a musical score, a fragrance is composed of several notes arranged in an olfactory pyramid. This pyramid is divided into three main sections: the top notes, the heart notes and the bottom notes. Each section develops over time as the fragrance evolves on the skin.

• Top notes
These are the olfactory notes that immediately strike our senses at the first spray and last up to 15 minutes after vaporization. They are light, fresh and often ephemeral. Citrus fruits such as lemon and orange, as well as aromatic notes such as anise and basil, are often used at this stage to give a lively and inviting start to the fragrance.

• Heart Notes
This is the soul of the fragrance, the part that emerges once the top notes fade. The heart notes are more robust and persistent, giving the fragrance its distinctive personality. Flowers such as rose, jasmine and lily are often present at this stage, adding depth and complexity to the composition. You can also find fruity notes that can create a playful olfactory accord that ensures a special touch to the fragrance, sometimes delicate and round or with acidic nuances. The heart notes reach their maximum exaltation in the time between 20 and 60 minutes after vaporization of the fragrance.

 Bottom Notes
The most persistent and sensual notes of the fragrance, which emerge slowly after the others have faded and can last up to 6 hours after application of the fragrance. Elements such as wood, musk and oriental notes such as vanilla and amber are commonly used to provide a warm and enveloping base to the fragrance, leaving a lasting impression.

There are some ingredients that can influence the olfactory pyramid of a fragrance: which are your best?

In addition to the olfactory pyramid, fragrances are also classified according to their olfactory families. These families, or genres, help to understand the main characteristics of a fragrance and to orient themselves in the vast panorama of this world.

Some of the most common olfactory families are:

Citrus: fresh and lively, with notes of citrus such as lemon, orange and bergamot. Elements Fire is a real Hesperidic triumph!

Aromatic: rustic and herbaceous, they are mostly typical of the aromatic herbs of the Mediterranean area such as rosemary, basil and anise. The latter is the main ingredient in Agnostico Distillate.

Flowered: fresh and light but also warm and enveloping, with flowers such as rose, jasmine and tuberose in the center of the composition.

Woody: warm and persistent, with notes like cedar, sandalwood and vetiver that give depth to the fragrance. A mystical essence released by Elisir N.2.

Oriental: sensual and lush, with accents of vanilla, ginger and cinnamon add a seductive note to the fragrance that can evoke distant worlds and smells almost unknown.

Chypre: intense and original, it was François Coty who created the first chypre composition. A fragrance that wanted to recreate the atmosphere of the island of Cyprus (hence the name), at the time a favorite holiday destination for high society. Intense and very personality agreements with combinations of rose, jasmine, oak moss and labdanum.

• Fougère: fresh and aromatic, have a structure characterized by a basic accord of lavender, geranium, vetiver, oak moss and tonka bean can give the fragrance a virile character and reassure. Secret Potion N.3 is a roaring and bold fragrance that can give adrenaline to the first spray.

Each fragrance is an original creation with unique and engaging harmony that can transport us into imaginary worlds and intense emotions. In today’s fast-paced world, fragrances are not just an accessory, but a way to express our personality and create unforgettable memories.

Each spray of perfume is an invitation to explore the wonderful world of olfactory notes, where our senses can travel free and beauty is enclosed in a bottle.