Since 2013 many things have changed: from a small shop in the Motoquartiere di Milano to 14 barbershops around the world, from beard and hair services to a product catalog of about 60 references. Now is the time to celebrate all the moments that made these 10 years unforgettable. Not a point of arrival, but a point of (re)departure to face new challenging challenges and achieve new ambitious goals. 

A beautiful journey made unique and special by YOU. You who are our source of inspiration, you who push us to do our utmost to offer products and services of the highest quality, you who always put your trust in us. It is for this immense trust of yours that we want to say THANK YOU. How? With two special surprises designed to celebrate this goal in the best way. 



A product that certainly does not require many presentations. You know it and you have always loved it. The first love, like our Agnostico, is never forgotten: a feeling and a product that evolve over time but that underneath remain unchanged as the first day. 

Our multifunctional balm gets ready for the party and sports a total green look. The unmistakable formula with woody and aromatic notes in the head, with leather and tobacco in the body and Bay Rum in the bottom, is enclosed in an emerald green bottle. Why green? Because it is the symbol color of our Barberie. And let’s not forget that our bullfrog’s skin is also green!   To complete the "outfit" of this Limited Edition, a celebratory white label with precious golden details.



Many asked, many were waiting for him. The wait is finally over, today the dream becomes reality! And what better occasion than our tenth anniversary to present it? Here is Agnostico Distillate Eau de Parfum.

The iconic fragrance of our legendary all-in-one balm turns into an intoxicating and unmistakable fragrance. A rustic Eau de Parfum, anised, woody and spicy, with a sparkling and hesperidic debut, a green and impetuous heart and a round and delicate bottom. As in the distillation processes of alcohol, our goal was not to replicate the original fragrance of balsam, but concentrate the original ingredients, making the bond even more unique, unmistakable and persistent.


An unforgettable olfactory experience, enriched by a unique tactile experience. The fragrance case, thanks to a particular crushing technique, has a texture that recalls the typical skin of the frog, creating a surprising play of reliefs. The smooth green glass bottle comes in harmonious contrast with the roughness of the white label paper with golden details and the porosity of the black wooden cap. A multisensory experience worthy of a true legend.