Bullfrog Academy 2024


A modern Grooming Academy that can offer a continuous training process to all professionals whose goal is to share and develop knowledge and operational practices related to the world of the barbershop, making them rediscover and retrain their skills and ensure constant quality growth towards clients.

All courses offered are training modules aimed at Salon Owners and collaborators with operational responsibilities already experts in haircutting, shaving and beard trimming, who wish to introduce these types of services into the Salon, consolidating their technical and theoretical foundations.

A cut that incorporates in a traditional smoothness of the North American style shades adding a twist: the shade is developed on the sides around the ears and on the back. A basis for several cuts which are very popular today.

Low fade which, by its setting, starts just above the ear and develops harmoniously around the back of the head, offering a clean and precise transition. It provides a base for several cuts that are very popular today.

Introduction to shaving, using the razor, understanding the products to be used and their application. All this is accompanied by teaching the historical and scientific basics of the service.

Introduction to beard adjustment, use of different types of tools (brush, razor, trimmer and scissors) and application of products. The course will be complemented by a focus on how to combine facial treatments with regulatory services.

• Monday, 16 September 2024: BURST FADE
• Monday, 7 October 2024: GROOMING PRO
• Monday, 21 October 2024: SHAVING
• Monday, 11 November 2024: LOW FADE

All the courses are held in the Bullfrog Flagship Store in Piazza Alvar Aalto (20124 MILANO).


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