Agnostico's iconic fragrance, which has been making our customers fall in love from day one, has been reinterpreted to create a sparkling, unexpected and playful scent. The enveloping freshness of this fragrance will give you a burst of courage and bravery, opening up a world of inspiration and self-awareness. Pre order now, take advantage of 5,00 € discount!

Fragrance Notes

A rich olfactory composition opens with fruity notes of bergamot, anise and mandarin, with a dash of pineapple. Its heart is enveloping and delicate thanks to the geranium, nutmeg and an infusion of precious woods. Finally, the amber and woody notes of the base are characterised by amber, benzoin, cedar and vetiver.


Mixology Ambassador

Agnostico On The Rocks is inspired by the world of mixology, which is very much akin to the world of fragrances. This practice aims to recreate a tasting experience that involves all the senses, achieving balance through the correct equilibrium of ingredients. Every time is the first time, fall in love with it!


Welcome To The Family

Agnostico Eau de Parfum collection sees aniseed as a common thread linking each fragrance: this ingredient is the protagonist of the iconic Agnostico All-In-One Balm fragrance, which inspired the entire collection. Different ingredients are then added to each one to create new, intoxicating and unmistakable fragrances.