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Anti-Stress Exfoliating Gel

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The anti-stress exfoliating gel is the first step in a perfect daily routine.

  • Anti-stress
  • Exfoliating
  • Gentle

The Anti-Stress Exfoliating Gel is the first step in a perfect daily routine that prepares the skin for the stress of a long day, recharging it with energy. It cleanses the face thoroughly, giving the skin an intense feeling of well-being. It removes impurities, thanks to the exfoliating hemp particles and fruit acids in the formula. It gives a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

Apply a small amount of product to face after moistening, massaging until a soft lather is obtained. Continue massaging depending on the level of
exfoliation you wish to achieve. Rinse with plenty of water.

Suitable for daily use morning and evening.

The product has the texture of a gel with exfoliating particles in suspension.

Formula contents:
• Hemp: exfoliating particles are obtained from its stem. These are extremely delicate and facilitate the physiological desquamation process.

• Fruit acids: chemical exfoliation combined with mechanical exfoliation plays an important role in the removal of impurities. While being very gentle on the skin, these acids allow this.

• Panthenol: creates a protective film on the skin, which slows down the accumulation of new impurities.

Its fragrance is characterised by green notes where, in addition to the real key ingredient – hemp – grapefruit, sage, tobacco and cedar wood notes stand out.
It is very pleasant and gentle on the skin and leaves an immediate feeling of well-being.

There can be two types of exfoliation:

• Mechanical: these are the more 'granular' products that remove dead cells by rubbing. This type of exfoliation acts on the upper layer of the dermis.

• Chemical: these are 'liquid' products in which dead cells are removed by exfoliating acids. They act in depth, stimulating collagen production.

The formulation of the anti-stress exfoliating gel allows both types of exfoliation to be performed simultaneously with one product.

Botanical LAB is the Bullfrog laboratory dedicated to the creation of top quality products with a selection of natural raw materials of botanical origin.
Using cutting-edge textures and unique fragrances, we have carefully selected highly effective botanical ingredients to meet any beard, hair or skin related needs.
The Botanical LAB project was created to improve environmental responsibility, but also towards our neighbours and ourselves.

This product was developed using packaging that reduces the volume of waste produced and is easy to recycle.

Once finished, here's how to dispose of the different components:


Check the regulations of your municipality.

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