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Are Bullfrog product safe?

Bullfrog has always had a strong and unwavering commitment: to ensure the highest levels of quality, safety and efficiency for every single product and all ingredients used. This is why all Bullfrog products are developed in compliance with EU Directives and USA-FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations. Not only this: Bullfrog is in a position to ensure the safety and efficacy of its own products through specific clinical tests, carried out in vitro or in vivo on samples from volunteers under medical control. Bullfrog formulas undergo various kinds of tests: – hypoallergenic, non-comedogenicity, ophthalmological, UVB and UVA SPF - depending on their intended use, in accordance with in-depth scientific protocols both in terms of the parameters measured and duration.

I suffer from skin allergies. Can i safely use Bullfrog cosmetic products?

An allergy is an inappropriate and damaging response by the body's defence mechanisms towards substances which are harmless to those who are not allergic. All Bullfrog cosmetic products are hypoallergenic, or formulated to ensure minimum instance of allergic reactions on the skin. However, if you have noticed sensitivity reactions in the past following the use of cosmetic products and you want to make sure it doesn’t happen again, you can carry out a patch test. Simply apply a coin-sized amount of product (taking it from a tester) to the inside of your forearm. Leave it on, ideally for a whole day; alternatively 20-30 minutes may be sufficient. If the area becomes red or has any type of reaction, then the product probably contains a raw material that is not tolerated. If there is no reaction, then you can use the product confidently.

Where can i find the list of ingredients contained in Bullfrog cosmetic products?

The list of ingredients is clearly indicated on the product, on our website or on its box. If you would like to know which products contain a specific ingredient, Customer Service will provide you with a list of products

Bullfrog's cosmetic products contain parabens?

Parabens are some of the most widely-used preservatives in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industry. This is because they are extremely effective at helping products stay stable, preventing the texture from degrading or becoming contaminated over time. These ingredients are studied and regulated; their usage has been accepted by the European Commission and the FDA in the USA. This means that parabens have been tested numerous times to make sure that they are totally safe. However, a small number of people are allergic to parabens. As with a lot of allergies, the number of people affected seems to be increasing. The cosmetics industry, and Bullfrog, is committed to developing alternative formulas that are just as effective without using parabens, so as to minimise the risk of allergic reactions later on. All Bullfrog products are currently formulated without parabens.

Do Bullfrog cosmetic products have an expiry date?

EC Directives establish that if the stability of a cosmetic product exceeds 30 months, it is not mandatory to give an expiration date: this applies to all Bullfrog products. However it is necessary to indicate the PAO (Period After Opening), or the product duration – expressed in months – after opening the packaging. This indication is present on all our products with the exception of single-dose and vacuum-packed products, as set out by law.

Are the aluminium salts present in the anti-perspirant deodorants safe?

Yes, they are safe. In recent years, certain studies called the safety of the aluminium salts present in anti-perspirant deodorants into question, which was then echoed by the mass media. These salts were subjected to innumerable tests, conducted both by manufacturers of anti-perspirants and by health authorities. Following the tests, the salts were proven to be the most effective and safest compound for controlling sweat. The Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) has recently confirmed that it has approved their use in current conditions: the legislation in force in fact establishes that the substances with an anti-perspirant action are permitted in cosmetic formulations only in certain concentrations. On deodorants with medium-high concentrations of anti-perspirant, there must be a warning not to apply them to damaged or irritated skin. The American FDA has also checked the safety of aluminium chloride compounds and has approved their use in anti-perspirant deodorants. Therefore to date there is no reliable scientific evidence that could put the safety of anti-perspirant deodorants that contain aluminium salts into question. Aluminium salts have been used in total safety for many years, and the anti-perspirant deodorants that contain them conform fully to the strict and severe requisites of European legislation on cosmetic products.

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