In September, men’s elegance is celebrated during World Beard Day, an annual event to honor beards in all their shapes and sizes, while exploring the culture and traditions surrounding this iconic symbol of masculinity.

World Beard Day originated in 2011, when a group of beard lovers decided to set up an event to celebrate this form of male expression. Held on the first Saturday of September each year, this unique holiday was enthusiastically embraced by beard lovers all over the world and quickly gained popularity, turning into an international celebration.


Beard culture is rooted in the history of mankind. Different cultures and societies have attached symbolic meanings to beards over time. For example, in ancient Greece, beards were considered a symbol of wisdom and power, while in the Egypt of the pharaohs, long beards took on a social connotation, they were associated with members of the noble classes. On the other side according to the Danish Vikings, the beard was synonymous with power and virility. Three different societies very far apart in time and with very different cultures but all united by a single element: the beard.


Also today the culture of the beard is strong and rooted in our society: an expression of personal style and identity. Lots of men choose to grow a beard as a statement of individuality and as a means of standing out. At the same time, beards have become a fashion staple, with several trends popping up over the years, from long, flowing beards of the hipster movement to well-groomed, old-school beards. Today they are valued for both their aesthetics and their cultural meaning.


World Beard Day is an occasion for all bearded men and beard lovers to celebrate their favorite look while also offering an opportunity to discuss the importance of grooming beards. Well-groomed beards not only add charm and style to the face, but they also require proper maintenance to maintain healthy skin and prevent irritation or skin problems. As a gift to celebrate this anniversary, in addition to offering you a 20% discount on a selection of beard care products (and not only), we want to refresh your memory by retracing together the essential steps for a #BullfrogEffect beard routine. Whether it's long, medium or short, these are the gestures necessary to keep your beard healthy and well-groomed.



Accurate daily cleansing is an essential step to eliminate all accumulated impurities from the beard. In case of short beard our Anti-Pollution Cleansing Mousse cleanses the skin and removes all the dirt particles accumulated on the beard. The Delicate Cleansing Fluid, on the other hand, is particularly suitable for medium-long beards, as it cleanses more thoroughly, preventing cases of skin irritation thanks to its soothing properties and leaving an intriguing tomato scent.


Adjust the edges

For all types and lengths of beards, the important thing is to always keep them in order while enhancing the lines and shape of the face. Our Invisible Shaving Gel, thanks to its non-foaming nature, will allow you to define and adjust the edges with millimeter precision. In case you want to entrust yourself to more expert hands, book an appointment at the barbershop and our guys will take care of your beard, also revealing some true PRO tricks!


After trimming your beard, don't forget to moisturize your skin, which is inevitably stressed by the invasive action of the razor. And what better way than with our Agnostico All-In-One Balm? Thanks to its emollient properties, it calms down the annoying post-shave irritation by hydrating the skin and nourishing the beard for a comfortable massage on the face.

World Beard Day in September is a special occasion to celebrate men’s elegance, explore beard culture and share the enthusiasm for this form of individual expression. This annual event unites men from all over the world, regardless of race, age or cultural background, in the love and admiration of beards and their meaning in history and modern culture. So whether you're a proud bearded man or just a fan of beards, join World Beard Day and celebrate with us: CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE THE PROMOTION!