Today we get to know better Michele Polito, also known as Mike, one of the longstanding barbers of our barbershop in Via Dante in Milan. His passion for the barber world goes back over ten years ago, when he began experimenting with cuts on himself and his friends. His source of inspiration? Paul Hewitt, founder of the men's streetwear and barbershop brand AONO. 


Mike began his career in the barber world at just 18 years old in a small shop in the northern suburbs of Milan: at the beginning with an assistant role, alongside more experienced barbers. He watched them trying to steal the so-called “tricks of the trade” with his gaze. Only when the owner allowed him, Mike could try his hand at cutting and thus unleashing his artistic streak. The strong aesthetic taste, combined with his mastery in handling the tools of the trade, led the boy to seek other shores to develop and consolidate his talent. 
It is precisely at this moment that Mike and Bullfrog's paths cross: a love at first sight blossomed into a professional collaboration that has now lasted for 8 long years and which we hope will continue for many more to come. Talent recognizes talent and when seriousness and professionalism are added to this, work turns into pure pleasure. 


As for his haircut style, Mike is inspired by traditional cuts from the 40s and 50s: from the Elvis-style banana rock quiff to the pulled back hair with and without parting, through the short wet look hair, the vintage soul of the cuts is proposed again today in an exquisitely modern way. For beards, however, Mike has a vision much closer to the present day: a style that combines accentuated shades and well-marked and defined lines. 
Now that we know Mike's personal and professional profile better, on World Beard Day we had a chat with him about his favorite beard care product in our catalogue. Let's find out which one it is! 


Hi Mike! Today we’ll talk about products and beard. Tell me, what is your favorite Bullfrog beard care product? 
"Hi! So among all the products, my favorite is definitely the Beard-washing Exfoliating Paste."


What do you like most about this product? 
"It's really difficult to choose only one, so I'll say two (laughs ed.): its cleansing power and its multi-use character. In fact, this paste is able to deeply cleanse skin and beard, leaving them fresh and scented while eliminating all accumulated impurities. Additionally, if you suffer from dry scalp or body skin, it can also be used as a scrub under the shower."


“Beard-washing Exfoliating Paste”: what are the first three adjectives that come to mind when you think of this product? 
"Exfoliating, granular and multifunctional."


Can it be used daily as a shampoo or beard cleanser? 
"No, not every day. In fact, an exfoliating product like this would be a too aggressive on a daily basis. For this reason, we recommend using it twice a week. I would also add that the 250ml format, in plastic, is perfect to keep in the shower thus avoiding the possible breakage of the package in the event of a fall."


Who is this product best suited for? 
"For all men with a beard, regardless if long or short. In order to help them thoroughly cleanse their beard and remove all residues of dry skin."


If our Beard-washing Exfoliating Paste were a celebrity, who would it be in your opinion? 
"Without a doubt Jason Momoa! We are always used to seeing him with very long and always well-groomed hair and beard, synonymous with great attention and attention to detail. Furthermore, his great flexibility in interpreting roles on the big screen makes him a figure similar to the multifunctional character of our Beard-washing Exfoliating Paste."