Shaving the beard is more than just a daily routine, a ritual that can turn into a moment of relaxation and personal care. This ancient act of male grooming has deep roots in history, with traditions dating back millennia that have come down to the present day after a long evolutionary journey. Let's discover them together! 


A practice that goes way back and comes to the present day 

The practice of shaving has a long and varied history dating back to antiquity. The earliest evidence of shaving dates back to the ancient Egyptians, who used stone razors and scented oils to shave the face. In Greek and Roman civilizations, shaving was considered a sign of civilization and social status; in fact, it was customary to shave daily using bronze or iron razors. 

During the European Middle Ages, beards came back into fashion among nobles and warriors, becoming a symbol of virility and power. However, during the Renaissance, fashion changed again and many men began to shave again, inspired by the aesthetic models of ancient Greece and Rome. 

Over the next few centuries, shaving became increasingly refined, with the introduction of modern razors, shaving creams and aftershave products. Today, beard shaving has become an art in itself, with many men devoting time and attention to caring for their skin and facial hair. 


Traditional vs. modern techniques 

There are several techniques for beard shaving, each with its own advantages and challenges. Traditional techniques often involve the use of freehand razors, which require some dexterity and practice to master. However, hardliners find that shaving with a traditional razor provides a closer shave and an "elite" character to the act. 

On the other hand, modern shaving techniques often involve the use of electric razors or safety razors, which offer greater convenience and speed. These tools are ideal for men who are always on the move or who prefer a quicker solution, compared to traditional tools. 



A traditional Bullfrog shaving Experience



Little tips for shaving the right way 

Regardless of the technique used, here are some key tips to follow to achieve a flawless shave. 

1- Skin ready for shaving 

Before you start shaving, make sure your skin is clean and moisturized. Warm water, a rich-textured beard oil and a good shaving cream soften hairs and prepare your face for the passage of the blade. Our Secret Potion line of beard oils and shaving creams is just right for you: choose your favorite fragrance for a fragrant shave! 

2- Attention to shave against the growth! 

Always shave in the direction of the hair to minimize irritation and prevent cuts and skin irritation. 

3- Don't forget aftershave 

After shaving, apply a moisturizing aftershave product to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation. Our product range offers two different choices depending on what you're looking for: for a traditional after-shave, Agnostico Aftershave Lotion is a light, evanescent, alcohol-based gel that gives a cool soothing action on the skin. For more sensitive skin, on the other hand, Mild Aftershave Fluid is a light, fast-absorbing emulsion, free of alcohol and fragrance. 

4- The best shave is...the next one. 

Keep razors clean and sharp to ensure an efficient and comfortable shave. 


Beard shaving is more than just a simple act of grooming; it is a ritual that can have deep cultural and personal implications. With a combination of traditional and modern techniques combined with the use of quality products, you can achieve perfect shaves while taking care of your skin and appearance.