Finding the right fragrance that is similar to your tastes is not always a breeze, especially if you think that each fragrance takes a different olfactory nuance depending on the pH of our skin, raising more and more the coefficient of difficulty of choice. Once you have found the perfect match, it is important to pay particular attention to some small but fundamental steps to enhance and fully appreciate all the olfactory notes of the fragrance. Wearing your fragrance optimally is a subtle art that can make a big difference in the impression you leave on others and in the duration of the perfume itself. Let’s find out how!

First a shower, then skin

Clean, moisturized skin before applying perfume is essential for a harmonious and long-lasting fragrance evolution. Just as a fertile field allows a flower to bloom, similarly a cleansed skin allows all the olfactory notes of a fragrance to be enhanced at their fullest.

Take aim and spray

Apply the fragrance to the base of the wrist, behind the ears, on the neck, ankles and behind the knees. These points emit a heat that can activate the scent, helping it to spread more effectively. Also at the time of vaporization it is advisable to maintain a distance of about 15-20 cm between the dispenser and the skin in order to disperse the fragrance in a fairly large area and avoid it being too concentrated in one point.

Don’t ever rub it!

After applying the perfume, never, ever rub your wrists against each other. It is a common practice as wrong, in fact this unusual gesture can cause the breakdown of the molecules of the perfume, causing a decrease in the duration on the skin and an alteration of the fragrance itself.

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The fragrance always before the outfit

Vaporizing the perfume before wearing clothes prevents the perfume from leaving unwanted stains on the fabrics of your outift. This also allows the fragrance to blend better with the skin creating a more intimate bond with the fragrance itself.

Little tricks that can make a big difference from going unnoticed or creating a memorable and pleasant presence for you and others.

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