Showing off a medium beard (1.5 - 5 cm long) is an honor to be proud of, but also a great burden to be respected with care and attention: a precise balance between a frequent cut typical of short beards and a more sporadic specific long beards.
Our suggestion is to dedicate to your beard a few minutes every day to keep it clean and hydrated and periodically give it some extra attention to nourish and keep it in perfect order. Let’s see what we can do.

Daily: cleanse and moisturize your beard

Daily cleansing is a crucial step for careful and diligent care of your medium-length beard. With the right allies you can show off every day a beard always clean and bright without altering the normal balance of the skin.
And what better ally for your daily cleansing than our Delicate Cleansing Fluid? A shampoo with strong soothing and revitalizing properties: the botanical active ingredients that make it, such as tomato extract, make it a suitable product for cases of skin sensitivity and irritation, or for frequent washing. How to use it? Simple! Just apply a small amount of product on the damp beard and gently massage with circular movements: the particularly fluid texture of the shampoo turns, on contact with water, in a soft and creamy foam that eliminates all impurities of beard and skin. Finally, rinse thoroughly.
After cleansing it is necessary to move to another important step: hydration. This step will give your beard a medium-length softness and order in full Bullfrog effect. Do you want to achieve this?
Then you can not exempt yourself from using two of our masterpieces: Agnostico and Oliocento. The first is the backbone of the entire collection of our products related to Beard Care: an all-in-one balm featuring hints of anise, tobacco, leather and bay rum. Tames the most rebellious beards without weighing them down, moisturizes without greasing and extinguishes irritations without drying the skin, in short, a real pillar for the daily care of your face. The second treatment, however, is part of our Botanical Lab collection: a 100% natural oil with a light texture, almost dry, and delicate fragrance, designed specifically to soften the beard making it bright and moisturize the skin of the face. The main ingredient, hemp oil, increases the elasticity of the skin, giving your face a relaxed and rested appearance. Both products should be applied to dry and clean beards and skin, massaging them gently with your hands, or with the help of a brush: a gesture not only pleasant, but also useful to keep your beard in order!

Medium Beard

Every week: exfoliate, nourish and adjust the edges of your beard
A careful daily routine does not exclude more targeted gestures that constitute a real declaration of love towards your beard: a cleaning treatment that acts as a real deterrent to the most stubborn smells, a special nourishment that allows the beard to grow healthy and strong and finally a meticulous adjustment of the edges of the beard for a look always tidy.
The Beard-Washing Exfoliating Paste responds masterfully to the first of these needs. Thanks to a special anti-odor ingredient of plant origin contained in its formula, this paste easily eliminates the unpleasant odors of food and smoke. Here’s how to use it: once applied on the damp beard, massage well with circular movements until a soft foam forms. Finally, rinse with plenty of water. In addition, its sugar granules cleanse the beard and skin in depth, eliminating impurities that can accumulate over the days. Perfect to use in the shower!
Have you ever thought about nourishing your beard even at night? Fortunately we did it for you! Our Anti-stress Night Mask  is the perfect product to nourish your beard during the night hours giving it a new softness and brightness at the time of your awakening. Apply it on dry face and beard before bed, let its active botanicals cradle you at night and in the morning you will be amazed by its conditioning effects.
Attention! Medium beard does not mean messy, remember to take care of the shape and edges for a look always impeccable, as just out of our barbershop. Our Invisible Shaving Gel comes to your rescue to help you in the shaving operations that require maximum care and precision. Thanks to its non foaming nature, which differentiates it from the classic shaving foams and creams, this transparent gel will facilitate the definition of the edges and the most delicate parts of your beard: now available online and in our shops in its new packaging!

Every month: come and visit your trusted barber!
As much as routines are vital to the care of your average beard, nothing will ever compare to the touch of an experienced hand. Our barbers are waiting for you to take care of you and your beard and to refresh your memory on the steps to follow for your routine. Here is the list of our barbershops, book an appointment today!