During summer holidays do not send your hair on vacation. It is precisely in this season that hair requires extra attention and care. The heat, humidity and prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays can seriously compromise their health, seriously damaging them. Don’t worry, follow our advice and you won’t take any chances.

Attention to chlorine and salt 
The salt water of the sea or the chlorine of the pools play a particularly aggressive action against your hair . Immediately after a swim, remember to rinse your hair under fresh water in order to eliminate these agents that can weaken and wear out the hair.


Gently cleanse your hair
Use a gentle, moisturizing shampoo to avoid removing too much natural oil from the hair and alter the balance of skin pH. Avoid too aggressive shampoos that can further dry your hair, already put to the test by the heat and sunlight. Our Delicate Cleansing Fluid cleanses the hair and sensitive skin, helping to calm irritation and giving an unusual fragrance with fresh and vegetable scents. 


Regular nourishment 
The heat and humidity of the air can affect the health of your hair causing weakening and dryness. Be sure to always keep your hair fed: twice a week after shampooing, use Restorative Nourishing Butter. A balm with a soft and enveloping texture that thanks to its mix of vegetable oils nourishes without weighing and detangles the hair improving elasticity and combing. The emollient action intensely softens the hair.


Hair dryer? Only if necessary
Not particularly ideal in summer, the use of thermal tools for styling, such as hair dryer, should certainly be moderated because the hair may suffer from continued and prolonged exposure to heat. If you really can’t avoid it, before you dry your hair, we recommend the application of our Energizing Scalp Lotion: a fluid serum with a rich formulation and a pleasantly refreshing and evanescent texture that leaves the scalp healthy and fresh and defends the hair from the invasive action of hair dryer and plate illuminating it.


Comb and brush gently
During the summer, hair tends to be more brittle and prone to breakage. Use wide-toothed combs or soft bristle brushes to gently untangle your hair. In any case, we recommend brushing your hair once dry and never wet, as they are more prone to breakage. Also avoid pulling or rubbing your hair with rough towels to dry. 


Healthy diet = healthy hair
A healthy and balanced diet helps keep your hair healthy. This summer be sure to consume foods containing a high rate of protein, vitamins and minerals that promote good hair health. It limits the intake of alcoholic beverages, which, in addition to slowing the levels of keratin synthesis weakening the hair, also decrease zinc levels accelerating the fall process. 


Regular cut
Regularly cutting your hair will not only make you look perfect but will help you keep your hair healthy. Our barbers are waiting for you in our barbershops for a cut thus preventing the deterioration of the hair due to environmental damage. Also a refreshed good habits to follow to keep your hair healthy and strong in the summer never hurts!


With these tips, you can take care of your hair during the summer and keep it healthy and beautiful despite unfavorable environmental conditions.