Since ancient times, mankind tried to understand the connection between the natural world and human behavior. Everything that existed was believed to be composed of the four basic elements: earth, water, air and fire. These elements were considered the primordial forces of nature and were also believed to influence different human personalities. In this article, our four Elements fragrances, inspired by the four elements, will guide us in discovering the connection between nature and human personality. 


Earth represents stability, solidity and concreteness. People connected to this element are often practical, reliable and patient. They have deep roots and are oriented towards realism. However, they can also be stubborn and resistant to change. Strong and concrete personalities, associated with a fragrance with an opening characterized by notes of mandarin, orange and grapefruit. The heart enhances the exotic scents thanks to Sichuan pepper and African geranium. The base refers to patchouli, vetiver and cedar wood. EARTH is dedicated to all those men who, with their feet firmly on the ground, have precise objectives and the right means to achieve them. 


Water symbolizes emotion, sensitivity and fluidity. Those who identify in this element are usually empathetic, intuitive and compassionate: always at the service of others, very often they put the well-being of others before their own. They are able to adapt easily to the situation, but can also be emotionally unstable. All the freshness of the element is expressed in WATER, a fragrance with a spicy and lively opening thanks to the notes of ginger and cardamom. Its heart is fresh, thanks to the green hints of black basil and cedar wood. On the base, the amber and woody scents stand out, thanks to the sequoia and patchouli. This fragrance represents all those individuals endowed with great emotion, which on the one hand can be a reason for great creativity, on the other instead of fragile vulnerability. 


Air represents intellect, communication and freedom. People connected to this element are often bright, social and adventurous. They love to explore new ideas and perspectives, but can also be considered shallow and unable to settle in one place for long. The lightest element of all, synonymous with freshness, is associated with a fragrance with an opening with green notes where fig leaf stands out, a heart where almond milk and orris root are exalted, reaching a woody and slightly vanilla base. AIR represents all men with a dreamy and reflective soul, able to travel with imagination and escape reality. 


Fire symbolizes passion, energy and determination. Those who identify with this element are often charismatic, creative and ambitious. They possess a strong will and can be very brave, but they also tend to be impulsive and prone to anger. The liveliness of these personalities is found in FIRE, a fragrance that takes its inspiration from the physical characteristics of fire: a sprakling opening with top citrus notes of mandarin and lemon peel, an enveloping fruity heart with mint leaves and blackcurrant and a warm base of patchouli and oakmoss. 


Although the theory of the four elements and the personalities connected to them are based on ancient beliefs and have no scientific basis, this doesn’t prevent them from being a source of inspiration and reflection for humanity over the centuries. The complex nature of the human being cannot be fully explained by simple connections with natural elements, but these theories can still be useful for better understanding ourselves and others. The triangulation between personality, nature and fragrances is meant to be a 360° celebration of these three elements that make the world we live in unique and fascinating.