With the arrival of spring, our skin (like nature) begins to wake up after the cold winter months, ready to accept the new challenges that the surrounding environment presents us: longer days, higher temperatures and increased exposure to the open air could cause more stress, more sweating and more contact with pollution.

All visible symptoms on our skin! Solution? Adapt the skincare strengthening it with the right gestures of skin care, a new boost of energy to maintain the freshness and brightness that spring deserves. But where to start? From the classic spring cleaning with a thorough facial cleansing that sets in motion the process of skin regeneration.

Stop pollution... even skin
In spring, it is important to choose a facial cleanser that can meet the new needs that our skin requires. Sofa and remote control give way to jogging shoes and bicycle for long walks in the open air. But as noble as our efforts to reduce our footprint on the environment are, air pollution is an unpleasant condition that we must inevitably live with, especially if we live in the city. But be careful, coexistence does not mean resignation! Combat skin pollution with our Anti-pollution Cleansing Mousse, removes impurities and dirt, freeing pores and leaving the skin fresh and clean.


Can't miss in every skin routine: our Anti-Pollution Cleansing Mousse

Cleansing is serious: take your time and enjoy it!
Facial cleansing is not only a step in the skin care routine, but also a precious moment of relaxation and well-being. Take a few minutes in the morning and evening to take care of your skin, gently massaging the cleanser on your face with circular movements. This will not only help remove impurities, but also stimulate blood circulation, giving the skin a fresh and bright appearance.


Delicate but regenerating exfoliation
Exfoliation plays a key role in revitalizing tired and dull skin. A couple of times a week, opt for gentle exfoliation to remove dead cells and encourage cell renewal. Regenerate your skin thanks to our Anti-stress Exfoliating Gel and its dual exfoliating action: The mechanical exfoliation given by the particles obtained from the stem of hemp facilitates the process of peeling while the chemical (carried out by fruit acids) gently removes all impurities on the skin. Result? A visibly clean and relaxed skin.

In conclusion, face cleansing in the spring is not only a matter of removing impurities, but a real ritual of rebirth and regeneration for our skin. Boost your skincare gestures, recharge your skin and welcome the new season with a new boost.

What about the rest of the body?
Don’t worry, we thought about that too. Our Liquid Soap and Secret Potion Shower Gel, declined in three different fragrances, will be your best allies for a cleansing "sprint" of the hands to the sink and the whole body in the shower. Finally, to give brightness and softness to your beard and hair, you can choose between two specific products such as the Delicate Cleansing Fluid to the unusual tomato fragrance (recommended daily) and the Nourishing Restorative Shampoo with its delicious fragrance of almond and pistachio (3-4 times a week).