Christmas holidays are knocking on doors and bring with them lunches, dinners, aperitifs, company dinners and many other moments to spend with colleagues, friends and relatives.
A fresh and refined look is an excellent business card to make a great impression and leave everyone speechless. Here are some practical and useful tips on how to obtain it.


A tidy appearance inevitably comes from a good shave. For a complete shave, prepare the skin by applying All-In-One Beard Oil Secret Potion: it softens the hair and protects the skin from the invasive action of the razor. Secret Potion Shaving Cream, once whipped into the bowl, guarantees optimal shaves thanks to its rich and full-bodied texture. Last but not least, the Mild Aftershave Fluid gives the skin a soothing and hydrating caress, respecting even the most sensitive skin.


The stress of the metropolitan routine can put a strain on the health of the skin. Taking care of it daily is the only solution to having a fresh and rested appearance. Here's how to do it in three simple steps! Cleanse your face morning and evening with the Anti-Pollution Cleansing Mousse, tone with Oltresiero and hydrate with the Toning Hydrating Cream.


A bristly and shaggy beard, in addition to being unpleasant to see and touch, is also synonymous with neglect. In a single gesture it is possible to solve all these problems: the application, before sleeping, of Anti-stress Night Mask guarantees deep hydration to the skin and a regenerating effect on the beard, making it shiny and soft.


Thorough cleansing and enveloping nourishment guarantee the hair, in addition to a good state of health, also a healthy and strong look. Nourishing Restorative Shampoo and Nourishing Restorative Butter, used together a couple of times a week, make up the perfect combo to restore soft and shiny hair with the delicious fragrance of pistachio and almond.


What about the body? Thanks to its great versatility, both for cleansing the hands and the entire body, Liquid Hand and Body Soap offers a complete self-care ritual. As a finishing touch after a shower, Refreshing Body Tonic gives refreshing impetus and vitality to the skin of the entire body.


A true beauty routine cannot be considered truly complete if you do not proceed with vaporizing your favorite fragrance. From Elements with its collection of EDTs to the EDPs by Elisir, our fragrances are many and all different from each other, able to satisfy all tastes. The latest arrival, Agnostico Spiced, with its sharp and insolent character, immediately made its way into everyone's hearts. A spicy start then gives way to an enveloping heart and a woody base: a tasting experience capable of involving all the senses in a perfect balance between the ingredients.


Lots of products and lots of useful tips to implement for a Christmas look in perfect Bullfrog style.