A barbershop chain that offers services and products for the care of the male figure linked by an indissoluble connection to the vast world of art, who are we talking about? Obviously about us!
As true aesthetic lovers we have always been fascinated by artistic works, some of which hang right on the walls of some of our barbershops. Since 2017 we have decided to turn this artistic inclination into reality, but how can we make this passion "tangible" to us and our customers? Simple, with a special version of our most iconic product: Agnostico.

This is the beginning of the journey that sees the succession of seven collaborations with different artists to create limited editions of our most loved balm. Over the years, the world of graffiti has alternated with tattoo art and graphic design to give color and make special a product that embodies the soul and personality of the brand.

This year the artist David Sossella wanted to pay homage to our guide animal, the bullfrog, giving it an unprecedented aura of magic. A frog that is depicted with anatomical parts typical of the frog itself (eyes, legs, livery) and of the bull (tail, nose and horns), giving life to an animal with science fiction features. Magic, therefore, is the watchword of the two versions of Agnostico Artist 2023: the representation of the same scene during the day and at night gives life to an alternation of interpretations which brings with it different meanings, with our bullfrog at center of the illustration. The protagonist stands proudly on a floating water lily in a small pond, surrounded by dense typically lake vegetation.

In the daytime version the colors are bright and bright, while in the nighttime version they are more intense and deeper. Despite being the same illustration, the chromatic differences between the two versions leave room for opposing interpretations.
During the day the frog appears to be an animal with a docile and gentle character, perfectly inserted into a bucolic landscape full of light. Nature presents itself as it is visually perceived, lush with vivid colors and free of pitfalls. The clear and clean sky, adorned with a few clouds here and there, recalls the colors of the water of the small pond and in this play of mirrors, the viewer's eye falls on our guide animal.

In the night scene the interpretation is completely overturned by the elements and colors typical of the night. The frog, in fact, with its purple livery takes on a mysterious aura with almost disturbing features. Thanks to the reduced brightness and the alternation between light and shadow, even the surrounding nature is transformed into a place full of mystery whose branches seem to hide hidden dangers. The different points of light present throughout the frog's body directly recall the stars of the firmament, making the protagonist of the illustration shine and highlight it.

The combination of day and night is clear, immediate and direct: the two versions present similar but also discordant elements, all in a relationship of similarities and contrasts from whose tension a perfect union is born.
We realize that choosing the most beautiful of the two Limited Editions is really complicated, which is why we have decided to simplify the choice for you: you will not decide which of the two versions to receive but Agnostico Day or Agnostico Night will choose you.

Which one will you receive? All you have to do is find out!