When we talk about self-care, the most important gestures are those that assist us every day, simple habits that, if repeated over time, become day after day real rituals that can give us energy and well-being. Beauty, refinement and surprise. Three abstract concepts to which we at Bullfrog want to give a face and a precise identity: thanks to our Bodycare line everything becomes possible. 


With a revisitation of aesthetics and an innovative design that pays great attention to detail, the products of the line acquire a new connotation and from simple objects become furnishing accessories that can enhance any room of the house. A new nature of products able to reinterpret everyday gestures of self-care, elevating them to a higher level of value and refinement. Strongly characterizing fragrances and unconventional textures are the distinctive features of the line that can surprise anyone who tries them.  
Inside the Bullfrog home body line is inserted the new Spray Deodorant Anti-Perspirant . More than a simple deodorant, a faithful daily ally with which to share special moments throughout the day: in the morning to start with the right foot and in the evening to treat yourself to a moment of fragrant and regenerating relaxation. 


Created to ensure a long-lasting antiperspirant action, leaves the skin fresh, dry and hydrated throughout the day. Its formula is composed of 97.4% natural ingredients: aloe vera has a soothing and soothing effect on the skin and calendula, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, gives vigor to the skin protecting it from the drying process. Aluminium salts, on the other hand, control perspiration levels and counteract the onset of bad smells. 


The fragrance, characterized by fresh and spicy notes, evokes a feeling of immediate, but at the same time prolonged, well-being on the skin with giving everyone who wears it strong identity traits. The intense scents of vetiver are sweetened by sparkling and fresh notes of citrus like grapefruit, all evolved in a setting where the distinctive fragrance is rhubarb.


After a good cleansing of the body in the shower, we recommend the application of deodorant on dry and clean skin by spraying it at a distance of 10 centimeters. Allow the product to dry completely before dressing and reapply during the day if necessary.
A 100% Made in Italy deodorant to take with you on every occasion, thanks to the practical travel-friendly format, to give the skin a touch of freshness. Prove it and you’ll never get over it.