During the year, we propose some special promotions: here you can find the right tips to take advantage of them at best.

Bullfrog Birthday 2024

Our 11th birthday is coming! Do you subscribe the promotion? Here are some useful tips to take advantage of your benefits at best!

- When will I receive the coupon code? You will receive the newsletter with the dedicated code at 7.30 on Thursday 6/6 and you can use it immediately.

- I have not received the newsletter, is it possible? Check also in SPAM. If you can’t find anything, you can use our chat or write to customercare@bullfrogbarbershop.com to ask for information.

- How do I use the discount code? Use the discount code is very simple: buy the products you want, then go to the cart section and insert your coupon in the related tab. If you prefer, you can add it even in checkout section.  

- I don’t see the discount price list, is that correct? If on Thursday you do not see the discounted product list, don't worry: your coupon code is set to give you the same benefits (at the level of discounts) that you will find in other days, where the promotion will be open to all and then with discounted price list visible on the site.

- Is there any product for which the discount code is not valid? You can use the coupon code on all our catalog, excluding Kits or Discovery Kits, which already have a basic price list in discount.

- How long can I use the discount code? You can use your coupon until midnight on Sunday 9/6.

- Can I use the discount code for multiple orders? Yes, within the promotion period (6-9/6) you can use your coupon whenever you want.

- How can I contact the Bullfrog personal shopper? If you want a personalized tip, click on the icon at the bottom left to contact and open the chat. We will reply as soon as possible, we remind you that the chat is active on Thursday and Friday until 19.

- I have problems with payment, how can I do? If you have a payment problem, please contact us via chat or writing to customercare@bullfrogbarbershop.com. Please note that you can use Paypal for both credit card payments and payments via Paypal itself. You can use also Google Pay and Apple Pay as other payment method.

- Can I pay in instalments? Yes, if you choose Paypal you can pay in instalments up to 3 without interest.

- Who can I contact to report problems? Feel free to contact us at customercare@bullfrogbarbershop.com.