In recent years, men have begun to play a lot in choosing their hairstyle, exploring new horizons in terms of cut and look. Just think about the length of hair: among fashion magazines and fashion shows, but also simply on the street, over the last decade we have witnessed a slow and progressive lengthening of men's hair. With straight and flowing hair or curly and thick, men experiment with new hairstyles, leaving more space to their imagination and being more daring. A historical moment in which breaks with the canons of the past, in favor of new trends, alternate with trends that never go out of fashion. One of these is certainly the (always current) debate relating to the comparison between glossy and natural finishes: two effects that convey a different image to those who "wear" them, depending on the situation. 
Let's discover together the characteristics of these two styles and how to obtain them!


Glossy effect and classic elegance
The glossy effect is often associated with a more elegant and formal appearance. This style takes a little work, but the results can be stunning. Here's how to get it:


  •  Precision cut: The basis is a well-groomed haircut. Trust one of our barbers for a technical consultation and a professional cut. A short Slick Back on the sides and at the nape of the neck, with a slightly longer upper part, is a perfect choice to maximize the glossy effect.

    •    Styling products: Use our High Definition Glossy Pomade to achieve maximum control of your hair. Its extremely elastic composition ensures softness without weighing it down or making it greasy, making the hair reshapeable during the day. Apply the product evenly, on damp or dry hair, shaping the shape depending on the style you want to achieve.

    •    Careful combing: For an elegant and tidy look, use a comb or brush to distribute the product and obtain better definition.

    •    Fixing: Maintaining a shiny finish during the day will be child's play thanks to our Super Hold Fixing Spray: a single gesture that offers high-hold order and definition, even to the most untameable hair. Applied to both dry and damp hair, both alone and in combination with other styling products, it adheres to the hair fibers, defining them without weighing them down and, above all, without leaving residues.


Natural, informal and versatile effect
The natural effect is a popular choice among many men, as it offers a more relaxed and versatile look. Let's find out together how to get it:
•    Suitable cut: Book an appointment in the barbershop and ask one of our barbers for an easy-to-manage cut with a natural hairstyle. A Wall-street or a Mullet could prove to be two valid options to highlight your natural look.
•    Light products: Use light and not too aggressive products that enhance the naturalness of the hair. The new Smoothing Hydrating Serum is a hybrid product: it acts as a styling product by combating frizz and giving shine to the hair; at the same time it brings benefits to the scalp and hair, leaving them full-bodied and soft to the touch. As far as actual styling is concerned, our best-seller in the category will be right for you! The Natural Effect Molding Paste, in fact, will allow you to give structure to your hair, without making it excessively heavy. Its medium-low hold gives a natural style, leaving hair soft and reshapeable during the day, without needing to wash to remove the product.
•    Natural drying: To achieve this effect, air drying is the wisest choice! Avoid, if possible, the hairdryer or at least limit its use.
•    Combing with your hands: By using your hands to give your hair the most natural shape possible, you will in no way risk giving your look an overly constructed appearance.


The choice between a shiny and a natural look depends a lot on personal tastes and lifestyle. Both have their charm, and the key is to feel comfortable in every situation. It is therefore possible to vary the style based on the occasion: glossy for a gallant evening and natural for an aperitif with friends.


Regardless of your choice, it is essential to take care of your hair with the right high-quality products. Our Delicate Cleansing Fluid cleanses hair and scalp, helping to restore skin balance. The soothing and revitalizing properties of the botanical active ingredients that compose it, make it a suitable product for cases of sensitivity and irritation of the scalp or for particularly frequent washing. The convenient 100ml travel-friendly format makes it the perfect travel companion to take wherever you want.
In conclusion, whether it's glossy or natural, experiment and have fun finding the look that best expresses your personality!