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Safety Razor

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For all those who love a traditional shave, this double edge razor will be a trusty companion every time. Made in Germany.

  • Traditional
  • Classic
  • Fine

The 'closed' double edge safety razor is hand-finished and made of chrome-plated metal. Compatible with classic disposable razor blades via a practical interlocking mechanism.
The protective bar prevents cuts and irritation while still ensuring an excellent shave.

Wet the razor with warm water after applying the shaving product to the face, tilt the razor at an angle of 30/45 degrees and apply it gently to the skin against the lay of the hair, avoiding rapid movements.
After a few strokes, rinse the razor to remove excess hair. After finishing shaving, dry the razor thoroughly.

The advantages of a safety razor

• A safety razor blade is sharper than a classic disposable razor blade, but the protective head makes it harder to cut yourself.
• It is not necessary to apply much pressure but it is important to find the right angle, usually between 30 and 45 degrees.
• Reduces the possibility of irritation as there is less direct contact with the skin
• An economical and ecological choice, as the blades only need to be replaced

A collection of tools specially designed for those who love to take care of themselves through the ritual of shaving.

This product was developed using packaging that reduces the volume of waste produced and is easy to recycle.

Once finished, here's how to dispose of the different components:

Case 21; PAPER
Check the regulations of your municipality.

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